UK Degustabox April 2017 – Unboxing Vlog & Review

With no obvious seasonal theme I wasn’t sure what to expect from the April Degustabox*, which I personally think makes it just that little bit more exciting. As usual Aria and I opened it together and filmed an unboxing video while scoffing some of the contents to provide a review of sorts.

We were happy with the contents of the box, bit of a shock but Aria’s favourite wasn’t the chocolate! She loved the Seabrook Lattice crisps, as did I, but my ultimate favourite had to be the Machu Picchu flavour Dorset Cereal. The crunch of the nuts and the hint of coffee is the perfect way to start the morning, or it would be if I wasn’t doing SlimFast right now!

The Nothing But fruit snacks were nice, but the packs were very much full of air and the majority of the contents had crumbled during transit. Another stand out product was the Doisy & Dam’s Quinoa, Smoked Tea & Vanilla chocolate, it had a very intriguing taste and I kinda liked it. Don’t get me wrong, it is never going to beat a Cadbury’s Dairy Milk for me, but it is a nice change if you fancy mixing things up now and then.

Onto the pricing, the products and prices on my content card were :

  • Seabrook Lattice – £1.50
  • POLO Sugar Free Pot – £1.49
  • CELIA Organic Lager – £2.49
  • Garofalo Whole Wheat Penne Pasta – £2.19
  • GOOD HEMP Hemp Seed Hearts – £4.49
  • Dorset Cereals – £4.89
  • Doisy & Dam’s Quinoa, Smoked Tea & Vanilla Chocolate – £1.75
  • Nothing But – 2 x £1.20
  • Whitworths Full of Super – £1.50
  • VIPnuts – £1.25

Total box contents £23.95

I also received a bottle of Fentiman’s Grapefruit tonic water which isn’t showing on my card, I can only assume that this is an alternative to the lager in the box. This is priced at £2.99 which would mean that the alternative box is priced at £24.45 – two fantastic value boxes this month.

If you fancy trying Degustabox for yourself sign up here and get your first box for £5.99, plus free delivery and a bonus item.

*I receive the Degustabox each month in exchange for an honest review*

*Contains affiliate link*

UK Degustabox March 2017 (The Easter Box) – Unboxing Vlog

I had high hopes for the Easter themed March Degustabox*, what choco-holic wouldn’t get excited about an Easter themed food subscription box winging it’s way to them, right? I expected posh chocolates, maybe even an Easter egg or two, but definitely lots of posh chocolates. Unfortunately it seems that I got a little carried away in a chocolate haze and the Easter themed box wasn’t exactly what I had expected it to be…

While the contents of the box were great I just wasn’t overly happy. Don’t get me wrong, it did contain a few chocolate products but nothing overly Easter-esque, posh or exciting. Saying that, the mint flavour Oreo was actually amazing and I want another right now. The peanut butter Oreo chocolate wasn’t as nice as I had expected and is one that I won’t be repurchasing. I also really enjoyed the Pipers crisps, which is high praise as I’m not really a crisp person.

Onto the pricing, as always there were two varieties of the box and I received all of the contents, unusually I have received the price lists for both boxes so I can show you an individual breakdown of both subscriber boxes :

Box 1 : £21.01

  • Heinz (Seriously) Good Sauces – £1.99
  • Pipers Crisps – £2
  • Naturelly £1.19
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo – 2 x £1.49
  • Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes – £1.50
  • Weetabix On The Go – £1.39
  • Weetabix On The Go Protein – £1.99
  • Whitworths Cacao Raw Bars – £1.50
  • @onepoundsers Chocolate Eclairs – £1
  • The Jelly Bean Factory Fairtrade box – £1.49
  • Westons Cider – 2 x £1.99

Box 2 : £20.42

  • Heinz (Seriously) Good Sauces – £1.99
  • Pipers Crisps – £2
  • Naturelly £1.19
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo – 2 x £1.49
  • Maldon Smoked Sea Salt Flakes – £1.50
  • Weetabix On The Go – £1.39
  • Weetabix On The Go Protein – £1.99
  • Whitworths Cacao Raw Bars – £1.50
  • Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk – £1.89
  • Gusto Organic Lemon Energy – £1.50
  • The Jelly Bean Factory Fairtrade box – £1.49
  • @onepoundsers Chocolate Eclairs – £1

As you can see all variations of the box are just shy of £20, which isn’t half bad for a box that costs £12.99, or £5.99 with discount code P2W4U (new customers only).

*I receive the Degustabox each month in exchange for an honest review*

UK Degustabox January 2017 – Unboxing Vlog

I received the January Degustabox* this morning, I resisted opening it until this evening when Aria came home, the suspense killed me but I really enjoy filming the unboxing videos with her so decided to wait. The information leaflet doesn’t speciffically state that this is a healthy themed box but going on the content and the fact that it is January I am going to assume that it is.

UK Degustabox Jan 17 Unboxing Vlog - blog header image photo of contents with text over

As mentioned in the video this box was quite dull. It contains a lot of foods that I just won’t eat, and some that weren’t very nice. There were a lot of drinks in this box and while it is nice to receive one or two drinks (especially alcohol or coffee!) I did feel that six drinks was a bit too much.

I’m really looking forward to trying the hot chocolate, the Crabbie’s Ginger Beer and the coffee. While filming the video I didn’t realise that the Crabbie’s is Scottish Raspberry flavour which sounds delicious.

Onto the pricing, the information leaflet in my box shows a total of £25.29 worth of products (assuming that you actually go to get your yoghurt!), which isn’t at all bad for a box that costs £12.99, or £5.99 with discount code P2W4U (new customers only).

The products on my information leaflet were :

Quinola Mothergrain – £2.49
Aspire Drinks x 2 – £2.90
Finn Crisp – £1.89
Natvia – £4.99
Protein Boost – £1.29
Propercorn – £1.99
The Collective – £2.00 (there is a voucher for this rather than the physical item)
Fruittella – £1.25
Yushoi – £1.79
Crabbie’s – £1.39
Popchips – £1.99
The Chia Co x 2-  £1.32

As I am sent the box to review I receive the product choices for all of the box variations, so in addition I also received :

Real Hot Chocolate Co – £1.50
Island Coconut Flavour Infused Coffee – £2.99
Chosan Organic Hibiscus Drink with Fiery Ginger – £1.56

*I receive the Degustabox each month in exchange for an honest review*

Review : Hello Fresh Box #7 January 2017

Spencer and I used to regularly order HelloFresh boxes*, they were great as they saved us money on our weekly shop, meant that we didn’t need to come up with a meal plan, were relatively easy to prepare and had us trying new foods. I’m not really sure why but we stopped ordering them, I would guess it’s because, even though the recipes are easy to make, as with all cooking from scratch it can take quite a while.

review of hellofresh box january 2017 including an unboxing video and time comparisons.

If you are intrigued to see exactly how the box and the contents arrive take a peek at my unboxing video below, otherwise go straight down for my thoughts, photos and to find out how long it really took to cook the meals.

Honey and mustard glazed pork with lentils foodie photo on white wood backdrop - HelloFresh blog review Jan 2017

Honey and Mustard Glazed Pork with Lentils – While this meal was relatively straight forward to make it did require a lot of peeling and chopping. I am very slow when it comes to peeling and chopping and as a result I took a whopping one hour and five minutes to make this dish, a whole fifteen minutes longer than the suggested time of forty minutes.

Slowness aside this was a delicious dish. I would never consider using lentils and chopped veg as a base for a meat dish but it worked really well and was packed full of flavour.

Hellofresh food subscription blog review 2017 - prawn and serrano linguine

Prawn and Serrano Linguine – I was really looking forward to making this dish as HelloFresh suggested that it would only take twenty five minutes, alas, this was another dish that required quite a bit of chopping and so ended up taking me forty five minutes, twenty minutes longer than the time stated.

This was another delicious and flavoursome dish and definitely one that I will make time and time again. I’ve never thought to simply use crème fraîche and stock as a pasta sauce but will definitely be doing so from now on, it is a simple to make and versatile sauce.

italian pork and tomato risotto from hellofresh box 2017

Italian Pork and Tomato Risotto – Another one with quite a bit of chopping and faffing, this one took me fifty five minutes to make, fifteen minutes longer than the stated time.

This was my first time making risotto and probably my last. I have very weak arms and couldn’t cope with the constant stirring. Despite being a real chore to make the dish was delicious and super tasty.

mexican chicken wraps with appley beetroot slaw and potato wedges hellofresh box recipe

Mexican Chicken Wraps with Appley Beetroot Slaw and Potato Wedges – Spencer made this one and forgot to time it. The card states that it takes forty minutes and Spencer thinks that it took between forty minutes to an hour to make.

Another relatively simple to make but delicious, flavoursome dish. We really enjoyed the appley slaw and the chicken tasted delicious with the kick of the Mexican spice and the sweetness of the honey.

Overall we were really impressed with our box. All of the meals were filling and healthy. While they may have taken a while to make the simple instructions were super easy to follow and it was all easy to make. We ordered the box for a family of four which fed Spencer, Aria and me in the evenings and we had enough leftover to put aside a smaller portion for mine and Spencer’s lunch the following day.

Price wise this box costs £64, although it is currently on offer for £32 which is amazing! I personally think that the boxes are great value for money considering the quality of the ingredients and the ease of the meal planning burden. You can cancel your subscription anytime (I’ve cancelled mine several times throughout the years, it really is easy to do) and you can view the meals on-line before ordering your box so you have no nasty surprises.

There are a variety of boxes available including a veggie option. Find out more and sign up to HelloFresh here.

You can also collect a whopping 13% cashback when ordering via KidStart so don’t forget to sign up!

*Disclosure – I received the HelloFresh box in exchange for an honest review*

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A blog review of the HelloFresh family box for four people, Find out how it works, how long the meal really take to prep, see photos of the finished meals and more - meal planning without the effort!

UK Degustabox December 2016 – Unboxing Vlog
*Disclaimer : I receive a Degustabox each month in exchange for an honest review*

Firstly, apologies for the lateness of this post. My December Degustabox arrived in between Christmas and New Year and, as I’m sure you can imagine, life has been a little hectic since then. Aria decided to help me open this box and trial the contents which she loved, and she certainly adds the cute factor to the video. 

december 2016 degustabox unboxing - a monthly subscription box for surprise foodie items

As you can see we were very pleased with the contents of the December Degustabox. The box contained a wide variety of products including crisps, chocolates and drinks and has opened my eyes to a few new lunch ideas for 2017.

I love receiving my Degustabox each month, I always look forward to discovering new foods and drinks. It usually ends up being a complete bargain when you compare what you pay verses the total content worth, which makes up for the fact that there may be some items that you don’t like in the box. You can buy a one off box which costs £12.99, or subscribe for three months for just £11.99 per box.

If ordering a one off box be sure to use my discount code P2W4U to get £7 off your first box, meaning that you pay just £5.99 for one box.