What She REALLY Wants For Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching (tomorrow, be quick!) I thought I would share my ideas of what she really wants for Valentine’s Day, after all there are only so many personalised mugs/phone cases/love plaques that you can buy. When you have been together for ten years, like Spencer and I, you really want to buy practical, yet perfect gifts.


I’m going to start with a contradiction – flowers and chocolates are always a great gift and the perfect way to my heart, and also the perfect solution for those of you who haven’t yet bought a gift. I personally have never been bought flowers in a romantic way, apart from when I split up with my ex but that didn’t quite have me melting at my knees in the way that he had hoped, in fact I gave them to my friend for her mother, but enough about that!

Back in my younger days I thought that flowers were a pointless gift and I was very vocal about the fact that they were a complete waste of money – why buy something that is just going to die after all? Fast forward more years than I care to admit and I now appreciate the finer things in life, including flowers, and love to receive them as a gift.

You may want to use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to bring some spice into your love life, and why not? If you do want to go down that route then check out My Favourite Voucher Codes where you can find discounts a-plenty, such as 50% off https://www.myfavouritevouchercodes.co.uk/lovehoney-voucher-codes.

If none of this is floating your boat why not go down the practical route? Pen Heaven stock a beautiful collection of gifts, including the leather journal* in the photo above; not only is it practical but the vibrant red and little gold love heart detail make it the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

My dream Valentine’s gift? Spencer will be working so a surprise flower delivery during the day would be amazing, but what I would really like is for him to take everything off my hands when he arrives home from work in the evening. For him to cook a delicious meal for all three of us with no input from me, for him to put Aria to bed and allow me to relax and enjoy my evening.

Think back to conversations from months gone by, I for one am always stating things that I want, or in some cases things that I really need. If Spencer were to turn around a month or two down the line and surprise me with said gift it would show me that actually, he does listen after all!

Gifts aren’t about how much you spend, they are about how much thought you put into them. For example buying flowers for someone with hayfever would be a HUGE mistake. Buying chocolates for someone on a strict diet could be serious sabotage. Buying a thoughtful and practical gift shows that you really do care.


*Disclosure – items marked ‘*’ were received for inclusion in this post. Contains a sponsored link*


Three Simple Toddler Friendly Valentine’s Craft

I absolutely love the idea of crafting with Aria, but I very rarely get around to doing it, which is why I applied to be a Bostik Blogger for 2017, it will be great to have encouragement to do at least one craft per month. The first box to arrive was the Valentine’s themed box, we decided to make a complete gift in the form of a candle, a card and a gift bag to put the candle in. Follow this simple guide to re-create your own toddler friendly Valentine’s gifts.

three simple toddler friendly valentine's crafts - DIY valentine's card, decoupaged love heart candle and a diy gift bag

For the candle you will need :

  • A candle/glass jar and tea light candle – we used a Yankee Candle but you could easily use an old jam jar and a tea light candle
  • Various coloured/patterned paper
  • Glue
  • Ribbons
Decoupaging is one of my all time favourite crafts, it is so easy and can look so effective. When I saw the array of pretty papers in my Bostik box I instantly decided on a decoupage craft. 
To decoupage your own candle jar you simply cut or tear your paper up, paint the jar with glue, stick the paper on and then finish with a further layer of glue. Once the jar has dried pretty it up by tying on various colourful ribbons. 

step by step decoupage candle jar tutorial - toddler friendly - toddler sticking paper on glass jar

Aria really enjoyed sticking the paper on the jar, decoupaging doesn’t have to be neat to look good making this a fantastic toddler friendly craft.
For the card you will need : 
  • Blank card
  • Various heart stickers
  • Heart shaped gift tag
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Glue
Start by sticking your large heart shaped gift tag in the middle of the card, then cut your pipe cleaners to size for the ‘I’ and the ‘U’, stick these on with glue (you will need to hold them in place for a little while) once they have dried allow your toddler to go crazy sticking the various heart shaped stickers all over the card. 

simple I heart u valentine's day card DIY toddler friendly craft

For the gift bag you will need :
  • A plain gift bag
  • A large glitter heart
  • Ribbon
  • A heart shaped gift tag
  • Glue
This is the simplest of them all, and Aria still thoroughly enjoyed it. Simply glue the back of the heart, press it onto the front of the bag and hold it in place for a little while, tie your gift tag on with the ribbon to finish.

DIY heart gift bag toddler craft tutorial

Valentine's craft gift guide - decoupaged candle, handmade card and handmade gift bag

Alternatively if you would prefer to watch a video tutorial you can do so below :

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three simple toddler friendly valentine's craft ideas - decoupaged glass candle jar, I heart u card and heart gift bag

One Size Fits All Valentine’s Gift Guide

Spencer and I don’t tend to go crazy for Valentine’s Day. Last year we didn’t even buy anything but I missed having that little something, even if it is only little. This year I have decided to get a few bits and pieces, both home made and shop bought, so that Spencer has a little token gesture on Valentine’s Day. Carry on reading for Valentine’s Gifts suitable for anyone, from anyone.

one size fits all valentine's day gift guide

Valentine's day gifts chocolates from Marks & Spencer
Valentine’s Day presents should always include chocolates right? These chocolates from Marks & Spencer were cheap and look delicious. I couldn’t resist picking up the #loveYOU chocolate heart as a little extra something.

handmade valentine's day card from baby with foot and hand prints handmade valentine's day heart keyring
Next up at the homemade gifts. The card is self explanatory. Aria’s hand and foot prints on some white card to form the O and V in the word love. I messed up on the writing on the first one which is why the prints have been cut out and stuck on here.

The small hearts are made from air dry clay and then painted red. I used a chopstick to make a hole for either string to hang it on or a keyring. On the larger one I wrote DADDY using a knife and on the smaller one I printed Aria’s thumb prints on to it.

his & her's matching socks Sandy and Danny for Valentine's day
If all else fails you can always fall back on socks this Valentine’s Day! These his & her’s Sandy and Danny socks from Chatty Feet* are awesome, and a guaranteed way of me getting a present because I can’t always rely on Spencer…

Have you bought any Valentine’s gifts this year? If so, what?

Thinking of re-creating the card/hanging hearts? You may need these items:

Secret Sweetheart Swap : What I sent & What I received
When I saw Lauren‘s blog post about the Secret Sweetheart swap I had to take part, I love taking part in blog swaps especially ones with a low budget as I enjoy the challenge. The budget for this one was set at £5.
When Lauren first emailed me to let me know that I would be buying for Ashleigh I was a little concerned as I had absolutely no idea what to buy her! One trip to Tiger later and I was very satisfied with what I had picked. Everything bar the teabags and lollipop came from Tiger, the teabags were stolen (!) from the set that I bought for Spencer and the lollipop came from Home Bargains – I’m hoping that it arrived in once piece! 
I received my goodies from Kate. I love that Kate sent one parcel with just my gifts and a separate postcard to let me know that the parcel was from her, it was a real exciting mystery for a moment! Kate kindly sent me some items to pamper myself with because “we need some love too” – such a lovely thought! 
I received two packets of Love Hearts, a gorgeous nail varnish and a Yankee Candle (can’t go wrong with any of these!). Thank you so much Kate – I love my gifts and the amazing packaging! 
I’d also like to express my thanks to Lauren for organising the swap, I know from past experience that it can sometimes be quite a stressful task! 

I really struggled to take the photos for this post because Bob wanted to be in amongst it! 

Valentine’s Gift Guide for Him & Her
I’ve actually been quite organised for Valentine’s Day this year, which is a first! I’ve bought a few things, ordered a card (without realising it was coming from the US so it may not arrive in time) and finished a little DIY gift. I’m feeling super pleased with myself and am actually considering going one step further and making a Valentine’s cake on Thursday.
I almost always buy Spencer a mug for Valentine’s Day, I’m not sure why, it just happens. The mug on the right is the one that I bought him last year, I can’t remember where I bought it but you can buy it here from Not On The High Street. The mug on the left is this year’s offering, it isn’t very romantic but he works in IT and needs a new mug for the office, I thought this was very apt. This can be bought here from eBay.
You may recall this post in which I stated that I was planning to make a ‘Valentine’s Survival Kit’ for Spencer, well I decided not to do that but I did buy some heart shaped paper clips in readiness for it. They won’t be going to waste though, I plan on using them in work on Friday to brighten up my colleagues day. They can be bought here.  
These personalised chocolate bars are the gifts that I am most proud of. You can view my DIY post about these here
Last but not least we have a very special little something. Handmade tea bags. I was lucky enough to win two sets of these tea bags from Erica, I also had to order a set after seeing the giveaway, I just couldn’t resist the Easter Tea, which, by the way, smells amazing. You can buy these tea bags and others here. Just look how cute both the tea bags and the packaging are!