39 Week Pregnancy Update
Today I am 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant, making me two days overdue.
I was actually sick one day last week which came as a shock as I haven’t been sick for a little while now. That wasn’t very pleasant but thankfully it was only the one day.
I’ve had several aches and pains again this past week along with Braxton Hicks and an aching back, but nothing to get excited about. I’ve also had excruciating trapped wind and indigestion. 
I gained 1lb in week 39, my total pregnancy weight gain is now 6lb.
Bump at 39 + 1 Bump at 39 + 4.
We had agreed not to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Spencer got me a card and I got him nothing at all. I felt a little guilty that I hadn’t bothered getting a card so ordered his favourite takeaway (Dominos) and asked them to write Happy Valentine’s Day Spencer in the lid, I love that they did and also drew some hearts! I bought myself some Valentine’s flowers the day after when they were half price I also bought some daffodils to pretty up the kitchen.
GU Zillionaire puddings are amazing (and half price in Tesco at the moment!) Being on Maternity leave is great, I lounge around and have Kitty cwtches most days! Pancake Day! My niece was in Hospital last week with pre-quinsy so we were visiting most evenings and got home late on pancake day we bought some ready made pancakes as a result, I had one with lemon & sugar and one with Nutella. Pukka womankind tea is delicious. 

38 Week Pregnancy Update
Today I am 39 weeks and 1 day pregnant and have less than a week until my due date, six days to be precise!
I’ve been taking my reflux tablets again and have had plenty of lie ins, which I think is why I haven’t been sick this week.
My milk has been leaking quite a bit in the nights, I’ve resorted to sleeping naked as I’m just so hot and I’ve woken a few times to wet patches where my boobs are. I’ve now bought myself these sleeping bras from Mothercare so that I can wear them to bed with a breast pad in them, I can’t sleep in normal bras as they are just too uncomfortable. I ordered the bras in a size L but annoyingly they are too big which results in the bra moving around and my pads not staying in place. Still, it is better protection than nothing at all.
I’ve had a few aches and pains but nothing to get me excited enough into thinking that baby is on his/her way. I really hope that I don’t end up going overdue as I am quite fed up now.
I gained 1lb in week 38, my total weight gain is now 5lb.
My bump at 38 weeks + 1 day.
We had our stair carpet and sofas cleaned by a local South Wales carpet cleaning company, we’re super pleased with the results.
We also received our new fridge freezer this week, it is the first time we’ve ever had a brand new one, we’ve always got second hand up until now. We’re really pleased with it and may review it soon. 
I’ve finally made a start on painting the dining chairs, the plan is to paint two chairs this colour, two chairs pale pink and the table white. I’ve wanted to do it for about a year and had the paint for about six months! Treated ourselves to some gorgeous pancakes as they were on offer at our local Co-Op, they are gorgeous. I did go mad though as Bob stole one off my plate, I stopped talking to him for a little while. Received my order from The Range, super pleased with the items. Our new curtains look fab. I had to find somewhere else to sit while our sofas were being cleaned/drying, I took to the corner of the nursery and quite enjoyed sitting there in the peace and quiet. 
We went out for a meal last Sunday, nothing fancy, just our local Table Table, my niece took this lovely photo of me while waiting for our food Bob being lazy as always Hospital bags packed and ready to go We ordered Ewan the Sheep after hearing good things about him, I hope that our baby likes him. 

37 Week Pregnancy Update
Today I am 38 weeks pregnant and have only 14 days until my due date (2 weeks!).
I was sick this morning for the first time in quite a while, I have run out of my reflux tablets and believe that this is why I was sick. Spencer has picked my repeat prescription up for me today so hopefully the sickness won’t stick around.
I didn’t realise just how swollen my fingers were until I attempted to take my wedding & engagement ring off this week, they would not budge! A lot of soap and cold water and I finally managed to take them off, that was at the beginning of the week and I still have a dent ┬áin my finger from where they were now. They will be staying off until after I have the baby, I don’t want to risk them needing to be cut off.
Rather excitingly last night I woke up with what I thought may have been contractions, it started with what felt like a burning ball in my back and then spread around to my tummy, I had a few of them in a row but they then stopped. I’m guessing it was maybe Braxton Hicks as it hasn’t come to anything. I did have a few episodes earlier in the evening and the previous evening where I felt tightening all across my stomach and wasn’t sure if baby was stretching or if it was a Braxton Hicks contraction.
I also experienced several stabbing pains down below yesterday, quite a few consecutively. Google tells me that this is my cervix beginning to dilate. Hopefully both of these things mean that baby will be here sooner rather than later.
I have actually gone out in jogging bottoms a few times this week, that is something that I never, ever do except on a rare occasion when I do some exercise. I am getting to the stage where comfort is coming before anything else.
My weight stayed the same in week 37, I have put on a total of 4lb so far.
My bump at 37 weeks (with a photobombing Bob of course) I can’t wait until we have a baby to use this Fisher Price swing* Fireplace looking pretty with baby shower and leaving cards.
There have been a lot of cat cwtches this week.
Mini Eggs and iced coffee to get me through the day Hubby made turkey burgers and sweet potato fries, we added the Philadelphia Duo Cremoso with garlic & fine herbs to the burger, oh my, amazing Dippy egg and soldiers are my latest addiction How cute is the little accidental heart in my Aero mousse? For a second I thought Spencer had been romantic and drawn it in as he bought the mousse over to me opened, he quickly corrected me that of course it wasn’t him!

36 Week Pregnancy Update
Today I am 37 weeks + 2 days pregnant, I am now classed as full term and have only 19 days until my due date! 
My Maternity leave officially started today although my last day in work was Wednesday as I used two days holiday, I am loving not doing a lot at all and intend to make the most of it before baby comes along and changes everything. 
I’ve not been sick this past week and am hoping that now that I no longer need to get up stupidly early I won’t have any more sickness at all.
I’ve briefly touched on Carpel tunnel syndrome before, it is very common in pregnancy and I’m pretty sure that I have suffered with it. Previously I have just had the pins and needles in my hand but last week it got a lot worse, it seems to be affecting my grip now and I struggle with picking things up and often get a pain in my hand when using it.
I’ve felt some strange vibrations in my pelvis area (and not in a nice way!). I have googled this and the results seem to suggest that it is baby hitting a nerve which seems to fit. I’m hoping this is because baby is pushing down and attempting to make his/her way out.
I’m still having to use my thrush cream regularly and have now had the delightful experience of piles. I have started to use baby wipes to wipe behind now which has relieved this.
I put on another pound during week 36 and have now put on a total of 4lbs. 
My bump at 36 weeks I had my fab baby shower last Sunday at 36 + 1, will post about that soon. 
We went to IKEA for some baby related household items, my feet started hurting so we had to stop for a coffee and cake. The advantages of pregnancy! I’ve been trialling some healthy ready meals from M&S through the past week, I’ll post about those soon. 

35 Week Pregnancy Update
Today I am 36 weeks and five days pregnant and have only twenty three days until my due date. 
Firstly, please accept my apologies for how late this post is, I’ve been so tired this week and just haven’t had the energy to even pick up my laptop. 
There wasn’t much in the way of symptoms in week 35, just the usual tiredness and sickness in the mornings when I got up early.
I’ve put on weight which is actually a welcome change! Despite people telling me that no weight gain is no cause for concern I can’t help but worry. It was only one pound so nothing major but still, a relief to have put something on. My total pregnancy weight gain is now three pounds.
My bump at 35 weeks + 6 days, maternity outfit post here. I had my work’s leaving do a week before finishing work as that date better suited people, I had a lovely time and couldn’t get over the amount of goodies that my colleagues had put together for me and baby.
Kitty really is my fur baby, she loves being tucked in when she is in the right mood. I received a good luck card and a super cute little book from C&G Baby Club.