Can You Feed Your Family For Just £2 A Day?

When Voucherbox got in touch to ask if I would like to take part in their £2 food challenge I couldn’t resist, I love food, I love a challenge and I love saving money! For this challenge Voucherbox have teamed up with Zamcog to help support Zambia’s most at risk children through food and education. They are challenging families to feed their family for just £2 per head for a day. Giving our family of three a total budget of £6 for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

can you feed your family for just £2 a day? Join the budget food challenge with voucherbox and zamcog

It is difficult to believe how much of a struggle this challenge was, especially when you consider that it costs just £2 a day to both feed and educate a child in Zambia. I’ll be honest, I thought that this would be easily doable, but I was wrong. There was a lot of fiddling around with my meal plan in order to try and eat filling, healthy meals while keeping the costs down.

So, what did we eat and how much did we spend? We spent a total of £5.79, which gave us three healthy meals, a snack and a pudding and some change!

Breakfast – Porridge & milk – £0.54
Tesco Everyday Value Oats 1kg 75p || Approx 120g = 9p
One pint milk 45pLunch – Ham salad sandwich – £1.72
Tesco white Danish bread 45p || Approx half the loaf = 23p
Tesco Everyday Value Ham 60p
Nightingale Farms Round Lettuce 40p
Tesco Cucumber Portion 24p
Nightingale Farms Cherry Tomatoes 49p || Approx half used = 25p

Tea – Spag Bol & garlic bread – £2.99
Tesco Beef Steak Mince 250g £2.00
Tesco Everyday Value Chopped Tomatoes 31p
Onion 16p
Tesco Large Garlic 50p || Two cloves used, approx = 10p
Tesco Everyday Value Spaghetti 500g 20p || Approx half used = 10p
Tesco Everyday Value Garlic Baguette 32p

Snacks – 54p
Tesco Everyday Value Chocolate Mousse 20p || 3 out of 4 used = 15p
Tesco Loose Bananas 13p x 3 = 39p

My top tips for feeding your family on a budget are to shop the stores own brands, they are usually just as nice as the premium brands for a fraction of the price, and to buy things that can be used for various meals throughout the week, for example the large bag of porridge will see us through breakfasts for quite a while.

You can read more about the campaign here, where you will also find details of how to take part yourself.

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Can you feed your family for just £2 a day? The answer is yes! Find out how with this meal plan and shopping list.


*In collaboration with and Zamcog*

Slimming World Weekly Weigh In & Food Diary #20

Last week I mentioned that I was relaxing my ‘diet’ between now and Christmas, while I am still going to eat healthy I am not going to count syns, worry about meal plans or say no to yummy treats. I have bought a FitBit and am attempting to do at least 10,000 steps everyday, which is something that I surprisingly managed quite a few times last week, I also tracked calories consumed versus calories burned on a few days and made sure this was under.

header picture for slimming world blog post

All of the above seems to have worked for me, I have lost a fantastic 2 & 1/2 pounds this week, my trousers have felt very baggy but I have had so many sweet treats this past week that I really didn’t expect it. It just shows that a little bit of exercise and eating healthy the majority of the time means that you can allow yourself to have a treat. I haven’t been counting syns so have no idea whether I was within them or not, I do know though that the majority of my meals have been syn free and on days where they weren’t I did try and avoid any extra treats.
Another thing that I’ve relaxed is taking photos of my food, I am going to enjoy food during this break and am not worrying about finding my camera and letting my food go cold while I take twenty different photos! I did manage to take photos of my two favourite meals as follows.

chinese five spice chicken with garlic & spinach rice
Chinese Five Spice Chicken with garlic and spinach rice.

For this one I sliced up a chicken breast, fried in fry light until cooked through, added onions and fried for about five minutes. Mixed fat free yoghurt with Chinese Five spice, added this into the pan, stirred through for about five minutes. I cooked the rice as usual, when it was finished I drained the water and added chopped garlic and spinach.

asda cheese & ham crust chicken fillets

Asda Cheese & Ham Crust Chicken fillets with paprika chips and mixed veg.
These chicken fillets from Asda are beautiful, I’ve just checked and they are 6 syns each, everything else that day was syn free so I had a good day that day! The chips were just cooked in the acti fry with a sprinkling of smoked paprika, there wasn’t much flavour so I didn’t add anywhere near as much, next time I will use loads.
What have been your favourite healthy meals this week? Have you relaxed your diet now that Christmas is approaching?

Slimming World Weekly Weigh In & Food Diary #18

Last week I mentioned that I was really struggling to motivate myself to stick to plan. Just admitting to that helped a lot and seemed to make me more focussed. I did still have a few days of naughtiness but overall I managed to stick to plan and as a result lost 1.5lbs.

As for the week ahead, I had my binge today as I always do on weigh day, I know this doesn’t work for everyone but it does for me. I ordered Indian for tea tonight and ordered a bit more so that I can have the leftovers tomorrow, I’m at a funeral and don’t think I’ll want to cook afterwards. Other than that I am hoping to be on plan 100% for the rest of the week.

slimming world weekly weigh in and food diary header photo

slimming world tomato and sausage pasta
slimming world turkey burger chips and cheesy garlic mushroom
Breakfast – 2 hi-fi bars
Lunch – 4 Slimming World sausages, Slimming World tomato sauce & pasta
Tea – Turkey burger, parsnips, carrots, chips, cheesy garlic mushroom, onions, tomato & cucumber
Healthy Extras – 20g lighter cheese, 125ml semi skimmed milk and 2 hi-fi bars
Total syns – 0

slimming world diet coke chicken and spinach
slimming world chilli and potatoes
Breakfast – 2 hi-fi bars
Lunch – Diet coke chicken, rice & spinach
Tea – Speedy chilli, roasted new potatoes, cheese & pickled onions
Snacks – hi-fi bar (3 syns)
Healthy extras – 2 hi-fi bars, 20g lighter cheese and 125ml semi skimmed milk
Total syns – 3

Saturday (off plan)

Breakfast – 2 hi-fi bars, Muller Light & apple
Lunch – salami and dried pork snacks
Tea – Meal out – burger, chips, chocolate cake & custard and alcohol

slimming world cheesy garlic chicken, italian chicken and rice
Breakfast/Lunch – Sausage & egg sandwich
Tea – Cheesy garlic chicken, Italian chicken, garlic & spinach rice, carrots and parsnip
Snacks – Hot chocolate (1.5 syns), cream (5 syns), marshmallows (4 syns), popcorn (5 syns) and apple
Healthy extras – 2 slices of wholemeal bread, 20g light cheese and 125ml semi skimmed milk
Total syns – 15.5


Breakfast – 2 weetabix, milk and blueberries
Lunch – Subway beef salad
Tea – Buttered bean & pork casserole with small wholemeal bread roll (tea at in-laws, no idea on syns)
Pudding – Rock cake
Snacks – Costa medium skinny latte (5.5 syns) and banana
Healthy extras – 250ml semi skimmed milk and 2 weetabix

slimming world speedy spag bol
Breakfast – Weetabix, milk and mixed berries
Lunch – M&S Sushi (4 syns) and fruit salad
Tea – Speedy spag bol and pickled onions
Snacks – Costa medium skinny latte (5.5 syns), hi-fi bar (3 syns) and Lindor Moment (6 syns)
Healthy extras – 250ml semi skimmed milk and 2 weetabix
Total syns – 18.5

What have you been eating this week? What are your favourite healthy Winter warmers?

Slimming World Weekly Weigh In & Food Diary #16
I’ve had an okay week this past week, which is annoying because I wanted to have a 100% on plan week. I started well, I even tried to behave on Wednesday after weigh in which is something that I never do. Unfortunately a lot of extra hours in work have taken their toll and the stress is creeping in which is making me want naughty foods. I am actually doing well at keeping the naughty foods to a minimum which isn’t like me, but the minimum needs to be zero!
I was very happy to weigh today and find that I have lost 3lb, I have now lost exactly 1 & 1/2 stone. I’m hoping to shift at least another half a stone by Christmas, but really would like more.

slimming world weekly weigh in and food diary blog post header picture

Carry on reading for this week’s food diary.


Breakfast – 2 hi fi bars
Lunch – Steak, jacket potato, mushroom and tomato at Wetherspoons (syns for butter and oil)
Tea – KFC original chicken rice box 10.5 syns


slimming world burrito in a bowl with guacamole and cheese

Breakfast – 2 hi bars
Tea – Burrito in a bowl (9 syns for burrito bowls, 4 for avocado used in guacamole)
Snacks – Chocolate orange Muller Light and milk in two cups of coffee (counting 2 syns as not measured out)
Healthy extras – 40g lighter cheese and 2 hi fi bars
Total syns – 15

slimming world meals salmon egg salad bbq chicken melt with sweet potato chips and salad

Breakfast – 2 hi fi bars
Lunch – Salmon, salad and fried egg
Tea – BBQ chicken melt, spicy sweet potato fries and salad (I used this recipe for the syn free BBQ sauce, but I used one small red onion and one small white onion and skipped the mustard)
Healthy extras – 40g lighter cheese and 2 hi fi bars
Snacks – hi fi bar (3 syns) 50ml semi skimmed milk in coffee (1.5 syns)
Total syns – 4.5

slimming world baked oats

Breakfast – Baked oats (1 syn for cooked fruit)
Lunch – Jacket potato with tuna, mayo, sweetcorn and salad
Tea – Chicken shish kebab with salad and pitta bread, 1 slice of hubby’s pizza
Snacks – Latte and samplers while shopping in M&S

slimming world tomato chicken & bacon pasta

Breakfast – 2 hi fi bars
Lunch – Chicken & bacon pasta – for the sauce I fried chicken, bacon, garlic and red onion until cooked, I then added a small tub of quark and passata to taste, delicious way of using up my fridge leftovers
Tea – Buffet food & cake (mother-in-law’s birthday)
Healthy extras – 250ml semi skimmed milk & 2 hi fi bars

slimming world steak & bubble and squeak

Breakfast – 2 hi fi bars
Lunch – Leftover pasta from Sunday
Tea – Steak, mushrooms, onions and speed packed bubble and squeak with 3 syns of branston pickle
Healthy extras – 2 hi fi bars and 250ml semi skimmed milk
Syns – 2 chocolate biscuits and a small bar of raw chocolate

slimming world salmon salad and fried rice

Breakfast – 2 wetabix, milk, strawberries & banana
Lunch – Salmon salad
Tea – Prawn & mushroom fried rice
Snacks – 1 hi bar bar (3 syns), 3 chocolate biscuits
Healthy extras  – Weetabix and milk

Slimming World Weekly Weigh in & Food Diary #14
This week has been a bit of a mixed bag, I wanted to be good after my 2lb gain last week but I did have two meals out, and I’m not one of these people who can go out and happily eat a salad, I like three, or at the very least two, naughty courses! The rest of the week I have been good although I have had a few days with not enough speed and/or skipped meals. 
I was extremely shocked and happy to stand on the scales today and discover that I’ve lost 4 & 1/2 lbs this week! This is my biggest loss so far. Not only have I now got my Club 10 (I’ve lost 10% of my weight) I am also down into the next stone bracket and only have 1/2 lb until I get my stone & a half award. I am going away this weekend so I’m not holding out too much hope to get it next week but at least it is now in sight.
slimming world weekly weigh in & food diary blog header photo

Carry on reading for my food diary & photos.


Breakfast – 2 Weetabix (Healthy B) with milk (part Healthy A), strawberries and banana
Lunch – Subway ham & turkey salad with sweet onion sauce (1 & 1/2 syns)
Tea – Cheesy omelette (4 syns) with Slimming World chips, beans and veg
Snacks – Chocolate orange hi-fi bar (3 syns)
Healthy extras – 2 Weetabix and 250ml semi skimmed milk
Total syns – 8 & 1/2
slimming world meal cheese omelette chips veg and beans
Breakfast – 2 hi-fi bars (Healthy B)
Tea – Peppered steak (8 & 1/2 syns), rice and salsa
Healthy extras – 2 hi-fi bars & 250ml semi skimmed milk
Total syns – 8 & 1/2
slimming world meal salsa rice and peppered steak syns
Saturday – Off plan, meal out

Breakfast – Bacon, mushrooms, beans, egg, tomatoes and one piece of wholemeal bread (part Healthy B)
Lunch – Frankie & Benny’s oven baked salmon with pesto and new potatoes followed by chocolate pancakes (no idea on syns, the pancakes were listed as a lighter option but I’m sure it was all jam packed with syns!)
Healthy extras – 2 hi-fi bars and 250ml semi skimmed milk
slimming world full cooked breakfast

Breakfast – Baked oats (Healthy B + 1 syn for cooked fruit) – 35g porridge oats, 1 egg, 100g frozen mixed berries, 3 tbsp sweetener, 1/2 Muller Light yoghurt, mix together and bake for 35 mins 180 fan
Lunch – Spinach, bacon, tomato and cheese (3 syns) omelette
Tea – KFC pulled chicken rice box (4 & 1/2 Syns)
Healthy extras – 35g porridge oats & 250ml semi skimmed milk
Total syns – 8 & 1/2
slimming world baked oats breakfast fruit

Breakfast – Baked oats (Healthy B + 1 syn)
Lunch – Salmon salad
Tea – Rice, salsa and salmon fishcakes – boil potatoes and then pop in blender with a tin of salmon and spring onions, put into patties and grill
Snacks – 2 hi-fi bars (6 syns)
Healthy extras – 35g porridge oats & 250ml semi skimmed milk
Total syns – 6
slimming world meal syn free salmon fish cakes salsa and rice

What have you been eating this week? Have you lost weight?