The Ten Stages of Dieting

We’ve all been there, and by all I mean all of us serial dieters. Us yo yo dieters. Those of us who like to experiment with the latest fad diets. Those of us who are never happy with our weight and are always planning to do something about it. I know the ten stages of dieting well. I go through them on every single diet, and am currently on point number ten .



1. I can do this. This diet sounds really easy and manageable. I can’t believe I haven’t tried it before!

2. One little treat here and there won’t hurt, I’ve changed my eating habits so drastically, I deserve it, plus my body needs time to adjust.

3. I can’t do it. I’m starving. And snapping at everyone. I’m hangry.

4. Meltdown over, that was a blip, I can do this.

5. We’ve been invited out for food. Panic stations. I know, I’ll calorie count the meal and also take my own low calorie food just in case. That was actually quite easy, I’m proud.

6. I’ve lost 10lbs woohoo!

7. That means I deserve a treat right? Just a small one, maybe a takeaway…

8. I’ve spiralled out of control, I’m crying into my pot of melted Nutella and shortbread biscuits. I will never be skinny.

9. Regret.

10. I CAN do this, I just needed to get that out of my system…

My Bid To Get Fit

Spring has well and truly sprung and with it comes heaps of motivation and sunshine. This week I’ve gone on long walks. This week I’ve had a clear out and donated bags of clothing to charity. The sun makes me proactive and determined and I like it! I like it so much that I have decided it is time to get fit.

I don’t drive and so tend to catch the bus to get from A to B, but I have decided to save money, get fit and start walking everywhere (well, within reason!). I could learn to drive, but it is just so expensive, even once you’ve passed your test the cost of running a car is phenomenal, as is shown by research carried out by affordable car hire company Instead I’m going to turn my woeful lack of driving into fitness inspiration, don my new walking boots and get skinny for Summer (huge exaggeration, I lack the will power required to get this body skinny).

I have downloaded Strava onto my phone and am using it to track my walks and to push myself to walk faster and faster each time. I go to town twice a week when I have Aria and so am going to walk there and back both times, this is three miles all in. Assuming that Aria behaves and sits in the pushchair I can really push myself on these walks, yesterday I averaged 2.8MPH so the aim is to get quicker and quicker, when Aria plays ball of course. Today I have childcare and wouldn’t normally do anything, I work from home so just stay in the house all day. Not anymore. Today I am going to walk up the very steep wooden steps to my parents house. This is a tough walk and will likely kill me.

We have sold our house and will be moving to a lovely house at the top of the park shortly. My plan for when we’ve moved is to take a lunch break on my working days and use it to walk down to the park and back, while it is only a five/ten minute walk down the walk back up is very steep and is a killer. This walk two/three times a week combined with my more leisurely strolls with Aria should really improve my fitness.

While I’m not making huge changes I am hoping that just getting out walking and really pushing myself will make a huge impact on both my fitness and my weight, all while saving money and de-stressing.

If you’re still looking for motivation to ditch the car and get walking you should check out the fab infographic below. The road rage and rows with partner definitely ring true for time spent in Spencer’s car!

a lifetime of driving in numbers, infographic showing just how much money and time is spent in the car during your lifetime

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When The Going Gets Tough, The Fat Get Fatter

I’m fat. I’m overweight and struggling. I am out of control, I can’t stop eating. I’ve hit self destruct and I can’t find a way back.

I’m uncomfortable and self conscious. Working from home means that I don’t see people very often, on the rare occasion that I do see people I assume that they look at me and think ‘wow, she’s got fat’.

I’m the heaviest that I’ve ever been. I haven’t weighed myself in months, I don’t dare to.

I hate watching back my YouTube videos and counting my chins. I hate getting dressed in the morning to find that my clothes have got a little tighter again.

I spiralled out of control last year. I assumed that I would get past this once I started working from home and had the time to prepare delicious, healthy meals. Instead I’m reaching for the chocolate and the takeaway menus even more than before.

I’m even ‘secret eating’. I’m at the point where I will pretend to eat one Kit Kat, but instead I’ll sneak another one in when Spencer isn’t looking.

I eat when I’m sad, I eat when I’m happy, I eat when I’m just ‘meh’. The fatter I get and the more down I feel, the more I eat to cheer myself up.

I need to do something but I just don’t know what. I think I have to give in and walk into a slimming world meeting again. I’m not sure I can do this alone, I’m not even sure that the support of a group will help me, but I am at the point where I need to try something, I need to try anything.

I am overweight and struggling and I don’t know what to do, all I know is that I can’t go on this way.

Slimming World Weekly Weigh In & Food Diary #20

Last week I mentioned that I was relaxing my ‘diet’ between now and Christmas, while I am still going to eat healthy I am not going to count syns, worry about meal plans or say no to yummy treats. I have bought a FitBit and am attempting to do at least 10,000 steps everyday, which is something that I surprisingly managed quite a few times last week, I also tracked calories consumed versus calories burned on a few days and made sure this was under.

header picture for slimming world blog post

All of the above seems to have worked for me, I have lost a fantastic 2 & 1/2 pounds this week, my trousers have felt very baggy but I have had so many sweet treats this past week that I really didn’t expect it. It just shows that a little bit of exercise and eating healthy the majority of the time means that you can allow yourself to have a treat. I haven’t been counting syns so have no idea whether I was within them or not, I do know though that the majority of my meals have been syn free and on days where they weren’t I did try and avoid any extra treats.
Another thing that I’ve relaxed is taking photos of my food, I am going to enjoy food during this break and am not worrying about finding my camera and letting my food go cold while I take twenty different photos! I did manage to take photos of my two favourite meals as follows.

chinese five spice chicken with garlic & spinach rice
Chinese Five Spice Chicken with garlic and spinach rice.

For this one I sliced up a chicken breast, fried in fry light until cooked through, added onions and fried for about five minutes. Mixed fat free yoghurt with Chinese Five spice, added this into the pan, stirred through for about five minutes. I cooked the rice as usual, when it was finished I drained the water and added chopped garlic and spinach.

asda cheese & ham crust chicken fillets

Asda Cheese & Ham Crust Chicken fillets with paprika chips and mixed veg.
These chicken fillets from Asda are beautiful, I’ve just checked and they are 6 syns each, everything else that day was syn free so I had a good day that day! The chips were just cooked in the acti fry with a sprinkling of smoked paprika, there wasn’t much flavour so I didn’t add anywhere near as much, next time I will use loads.
What have been your favourite healthy meals this week? Have you relaxed your diet now that Christmas is approaching?

Slimming World Weekly Weigh In #19
With December comes a lot of food temptations, walking through town and spotting those little wooden huts selling all kinds of sweet and savoury treats makes ‘dieting’ rather difficult. I am going to hold my hands up and admit that I am struggling, like really struggling. 

Slimming World weigh in the struggle and motivation loss

This week at weigh in I had put 2lbs on, which is no surprise. I had a bad week last week and actually decided to give Slimming World up for a little while, I developed a I don’t care attitude and even had a Chinese before weigh in which is unlike me, I will be naughty all week but always make sure that I have a good day before weigh in!

Yesterday after weigh in I went out and bought pancakes with Nutella and marshmallows from one of those Christmas huts, I had a gourmet burger for lunch followed by a chocolate fudge cake and custard. A little later on I had a chocolate waffle and a Wispa. I don’t regret a thing.

Today I am feeling a little more positive about my weight loss journey. I am going to carry on attending Slimming World on a weekly basis, I’ve bought a countdown so would be stupid not to. I’m not going to stick 100% to plan, it is December and I am going to enjoy the Christmas season. I am, however, going to try and eat as healthy as I can when in the house.

I bought a Fitbit last week and today I have started tracking everything that I eat on there, for now my aim is to consume less calories than I burn off, or at least the same amount. If I lose weight this way then great, if I don’t I’m not too bothered, so long as I don’t go piling on what I have previously lost I will be happy.

I am hoping that this little break will do me good, a month of enjoying naughty treats will hopefully leave me feeling refreshed and ready to go come January. I will still be posting updates weekly about my weight gains/losses and sharing the healthy food that I did enjoy that week.

Slimming World, it isn’t goodbye, it’s see you later.