Is This The Five Year Itch?

November 24 is mine and Spencer’s fifth Wedding anniversary. This means many things to me, including the fact that I have not been abroad for five years. That’s right, the last time I went abroad was for my honeymoon.

I remember it well, we weren’t sure where to go for our Honeymoon, after all, where is nice in November/December? We liked the idea of sunshine but we weren’t sure if that was possible. The honeymoon was booked for us as a surprise, we were so eager for our Wedding evening and the big reveal.

We were made to dance to ‘Dance Like An Egyptian’, it had been a long day and we were slightly tipsy so it took a little while, but eventually the penny dropped. We were going to Kusadasi in Egypt, a place that would be beautiful and warm, even in December. A place neither of us had never been before.

We left behind the cold and the ice and we landed in the soaring heat. We checked into our beautiful hotel and enjoyed meals out and the all inclusive cocktails (of course). We were young, in love and care free.

Egypt in December

Just lately I’ve started to get itchy feet. Up until now I haven’t felt like I’ve missed out by not going abroad, we’ve had plenty of enjoyable UK based holidays and we’ve had a lot going on in our lives. I’m not sure if its the clocks going back and the resulting early evenings or something else, but I am very tempted to take advantage of the Winter sun deals from Holiday Gems and just jet off somewhere warm, take in some Winter sun, maybe re-visit Egypt.

Of course it wouldn’t be the same this time around, the cocktails wouldn’t flow quite as freely and it wouldn’t be nearly as care free as we would have an unruly toddler in tow; but it would still be beautiful and it would still be hot.

Egypt in December

We made so many perfect memories in Egypt in the Winter of 2012, but we could make so many better memories in Egypt in the Winter with our daughter.

I’ll always remember many things about that holiday, not just the mosquito bites and hangovers. I’ll also always remember flying home, stepping outside and slipping on ice. I literally came back to reality with a bang.

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