20 Week Pregnancy Update

12th April 2018
20 weeks pregnancy update and bump

I can’t believe I’m half way through this pregnancy already, the time is flying by which is a huge relief but also quite scary. We had the 19/20 week scan last week and everything is progressing as it should, we also found out the babies gender!

I’ve started to gain weight now, I did go down to a 1stone 1lbs loss at 16 weeks, but at 20 weeks I have put 5lbs of that back on, leaving me with a total pregnancy weight loss of 10lbs so far – the one and only good thing about the sickness!

The sickness has eased off a little, which I’m sure the Easter holidays have helped with. I seem to be sick in the morning if I’m woken up, if I’m left to wake naturally it’s not very often I’m sick. This morning we were woken by a delivery at 8am, which resulted in morning sickness rearing it’s ugly head.

Those of you who followed my pregnancy journey with Aria may remember that I suffered with horrendous heartburn, so bad that I had to take daily tablets. I’m not at the point of going to the Doctors about it just yet, but the heartburn is definitely creeping in. I’m managing to control it with diet so far, and know that if I eat certain foods, such as chocolate, I will suffer.

Since falling pregnant again I really struggled to get a decent nights sleep. I am constantly tossing and turning, I’m waking up at the drop of a button and every single lump and bump in the bed felt like a rock. My hips were throbbing every morning when I woke up so we considered getting a new mattress via Groupon‘s new mattress deals, instead we settled on a mattress topper because our mattress isn’t actually that old, this has done the trick and my hips are a lot better now.

20 weeks pregnancy update and bump

I often get a stitch when walking, and suffer if I’m on my feet for long periods of time. Just yesterday we were at an event for the majority of the day and by the end of it both my belly and feet were really hurting, so much so that I had to leave a little early.

I’m considering booking a private scan soon for two reasons, one being that I don’t want to wait another twenty weeks before I get to see baby again and two being that I’m so worried the gender scan may be wrong, I’ve known it happen to a few people and am hesitant on committing to washing Aria’s old pink baby clothes without getting a second opinion.

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