26 Weeks and Feeling Good(ish)

27th May 2018

I’m now 26 weeks pregnant, 2 weeks away from the third trimester and just 14 weeks away from my due date! Baby girl is now the size of an aubergine. Week 23 saw me start to feel a lot better in myself, and even have the occasional energy burst, I’m hoping that I will stay this way for a little while, or at least until the dreaded third trimester! My sickness has stopped, which is definitely helped by lazy mornings. On the days that I do need to get up early I tend to chew a gum in the morning and brush my teeth later on in the day, brushing my teeth early morning is still a no go and almost guaranteed to bring on the sickness.

It’s certainly not all roses, especially with the heat we are currently experiencing, my feet are throbbing and I find that everything seems like hard work, even just a five minute walk has me breathless. I’m hot and I’m bothered.

I’m more sensitive to lack of sleep than usual. The energy bursts are great, but if Aria is having a bad time sleeping or waking up early I am absolutely worn out. These days are not good as I can’t concentrate and sometimes feel sick.

Baby girl is very active! So much that when the midwife monitored her heart beat at my most recent check up she almost kicked the monitor back off! She wiggles around a lot and is often causing me discomfort by going up into my ribs or lying down low and causing the most horrific stitch. I struggle to walk with the stitch, and have very nearly come to a stop while walking through town due to the excruciating pain.

I fell down the stairs last week, funnily enough the last time I fell down the stairs was when I was 28 weeks pregnant with Aria, this time I only fell down two stairs and landed on my side. I did wake to a lot of muscle pain the following day but was reassured that as baby was moving fine there was no need to go into the maternity unit, all that they would do is check for a heart beat anyway.

I keep forgetting to weigh (baby brain!), the last time I weighed was on 8 May when I was coming up to 24 weeks pregnant, at that point I was 6lbs lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight. My boobs are getting bigger and sore, I feel like the weight that I’ve put back on has gone straight to them and, of course, my belly!

Preparations for baby girls arrival are in full swing, we’ve bought and ordered loads and like to pop along to the JoJo Maman Bebe outlet whenever we have a spare Saturday, keep your eyes peeled on my YouTube channel for a haul going live tonight.

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