4 Reasons Your Bathroom Is The Most Important Room In Your Home

17th October 2017

Ah, the bathroom. You’ve probably used it a couple of times today already, right? You must know that the bathroom is an extremely important part of any home. But do you realise that it’s the most important room in the home? Every room serves an important purpose, but none quite so much as the bathroom.

Here are 4 reasons the bathroom is the most important room in the home:

You Start And Finish Every Day In The Bathroom

The average person will spend 1.5 years in the bathroom. That’s a very long time, and goes without saying that your bathroom should be on top form!

Inspiration Can Strike In The Bathroom

Some people get their best ideas in the bath or the shower. Have you ever been relaxing in the tub only to have a piece of inspiration you needed smack you in the face? Many have in the past, and chances are you will at some point.

It’s A Great Place To De-stress

There’s nothing quite like de-stressing in the bathroom. It offers solitude and a great hiding spot, whether you’re trying to have 10 minutes peace away from your family, or you’ve simply have a tough day at work.

It Can Set The Tone For The Rest Of Your Home

The bathroom can easily set the tone for the rest of your home. If you have pee on the toilet seat and you’ve clearly take some shortcuts, it’s not going to paint a good picture of you and the way you live. The infographic below can help with some great tips!

credit to Soakology

*Disclosure – Collaborative Post*

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