A Family Meal at Wagamama, Cardiff*

2nd August 2016

I went along to Wagamama in Cardiff with my sister almost a year ago and we really enjoyed it. Recently we were invited back to review it as a family*, we knew it would be a challenge as Aria was teething and refusing to eat and drink, but we went along in the hope that a few hours out of the house would cheer little Madam A up.

A family meal at Wagamama Cardiff - header photo of baby sat in high chair with Wagamama menu on her head

Child eating in Wagamama Cardiff

When we arrived we explained that Aria wasn’t very well, probably wouldn’t eat her food and would definitely scream the place down at some point during our meal. The waitress offered Aria some crayons and a kids menu with colouring in and various other activities on it in the hope that it would keep her occupied.

kids meal at Wagamama mini chicken cha han

Despite the fact that Aria wasn’t eating we still ordered food for her, we went for a mini chicken cha han (£3.75) in the hope that she would be tempted by the rice that she usually loves. She had one or two mouthfuls and then proceeded to throw the rice all around the restaurant, her food was quickly taken away from her (by us, not the staff in case you were wondering!) and the tantrum to end all tantrums began. This has absolutely no reflection on the food, as I’ve said Aria was refusing food and drink due to teething. I tried her food and can confirm that it was really nice.

children's entertainment in Wagamama Cardiff

A few games of peek a boo under the paper place mats (they came in handy!) and a couple of silly drawings later Aria stopped crying which meant that Spencer and I could enjoy our meals.

main meals and side orders at wagamama cardiff

Spencer wasn’t too keen on his first ever Wagamamas meal a few months ago, I was convinced that I could change his mind this time and suggested that he try the teriyaki beef soba (bottom left, £13.95). I ordered my two favourite sides, chicken gyoza (£5.95) and ebi katsu (£6.95) for us to share along with a main of teriyaki beef donburi (£10.95).

Spencer was much more impressed with his meal this time than the last time that he went, although he still isn’t Wagamama’s number one fan and I am convinced that this is because the food is healthy! I on the other hand am still a huge fan, I love that we can go along as a family and eat a variety of tasty and healthy food. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual and we weren’t made to feel like crap parents when Aria had her meltdown.

selection of puddings at Wagamama Cardiff

Despite Aria’s incessant whinging we somehow managed to order puddings, three in fact, between the two of us as we had given up on Aria eating by this point. I HAD to try the banana katsu and salted caramel ice cream, the waiter recommend that Spencer try the white chocolate ginger cheesecake (£5.95) and I wanted him to experience the strange but delicious mochi ice cream sensation.

As expected, all of the puddings were mind blowingly delicious. The banana katsu exceeded my expectations and I would go as far to say that the salted caramel ice cream was the nicest that I have tried. Even Aria ate a bit which was very naughty as there were large chunks of salt in it!

All in all I highly recommend Wagamamas, Cardiff for a family meal. The staff were friendly and helpful, no one batted an eyelid over our tantruming toddler and they serve a wide variety of healthy yet delicious food.

Are you a fan of Wagamamas? Where is your favourite place to eat as a family?

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  • Reply Bear and Cardigan 3rd August 2016 at 8:12 pm

    I've only been once and with a toddler and the staff were absolutely lovely. The food was delicious too.

  • Reply Ali - We Made This Life 3rd August 2016 at 9:37 pm

    I have never eaten here which sounds like I have been missing out! I've been looking for new places to try in Cardiff with the kids, I'll have to try it here! The pudding looks amazing!!

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