About Us

Welcome to A Slice of My Life Wales, a parenting and lifestyle blog bought to you from the South Wales Valleys.

A Slice of My Life Wales is written by me, Leanne Cornelius, I live in a small town called Pontypool, it’s rough around the edges and a bit behind the times but it’s home and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Spencer and I got married on 24 November 2012. You can also read our slightly unusual engagement story here. We have two beautiful daughters, Aria born in 2015 and Carrie in 2018. Spencer thinks our family is complete, but I don’t!

Aria came into the world in dramatic fashion with an unplanned home birth, Carrie’s birth was slightly more relaxed following a tough pregnancy with gestational diabetes.

You’ll find me blogging about a wide range of things including parenting, plus size fashion, my occasional weight loss attempts, reviews, UK travel & more – one thing that will always be consistent is my honesty, if anything there is too much of that!

As well as this blog I am the creator and manager of the South Wales Bloggers facebook group, if you are a blogger based in South Wales feel free to join the group, if you are a company or PR specifically looking for South Wales based bloggers fell free to get in touch, I can pass your details on via the group.