Action-Packed Kids Party Ideas

Action-Packed Kids Party Ideas

When your child is celebrating a birthday, you can often struggle to come up with different ideas for the birthday party itself. Your little ones might come up with a theme that they want, but after a while, you may get tired of throwing a tea party in the garden. So, it could be time to shake things up with something action-packed. And if you find that your kid is asking for something different this year, these ideas will definitely be action-packed and a lot of fun, beating out the standard disco or cinema trip ideas.


If the weather warrants it, you might want to think about hosting a watersports party. Now, this may not be something you can’t actually put on yourself for safety reasons, but you could hold the party at a designated venue. It’s always nice to get outside when you can, and heading into the water is definitely something different. Whether they try out kayaking or surfing, you should find that the kids find it a lot of fun.

Obstacle Course

If your kids like the idea of being outside, but not necessarily in the water, you may want to think about doing an obstacle course style party. This time, it could be something you put on yourself. Or, there are lots of venues that can offer military style obstacle courses and challenges for the kids to take part in. If you are doing it yourself, you may find that researching different obstacle course ideas can help you to create something fun and interesting for the kids to explore.


Then there’s always the idea of doing a tag style party. By heading to a set venue like Delta Force Paintballing or laser tag, you will find that your kids can have a lot of fun chasing each other around and playing part of a mission, and have a lot of fun. Tag style games are often great for active kids, both boys and girls, and can mean that they get to enjoy a different style of party and be active at the same time.


Another style of action birthday party that you could work with would be a racing style party. Whether you head out to a purpose build go-kart track and have a few races around there, or even decide to go to an off-roading bicycle park so that the kids can ride around on bikes, you often find that parties with a style of competitive element in them get the kids super excited about taking part.

Treasure Hunt

Finally, the last style of action-based event that you may like to think about going with would be hosting a treasure hunt. This is something you could do around the house, out in the garden, or even at a specific venue that you’ve hired for the day. There are lots of scavenger hunt ideas that you could work with to create your trail, and even get the kids to work in teams so that everyone can take part and feel like a winner.

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