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Afternoon Tea at Marco Pierre White Restaurant, Hotel Indigo Cardiff

10th August 2018
review of Afternoon Tea at Marco Pierre White Restaurant, Hotel Indigo Cardiff

*Disclosure – We were invited along for complimentary afternoon tea and drinks, as usual, all opinions are my own.*

You may click on this link and think, hang on, doesn’t she have gestational diabetes? Why the hell is she going out for afternoon tea? Well, you would be right to think that! Afternoon tea right now would be torturous with carbs and cake being pretty much no go areas. I’m not that mean to myself, I’m just very behind at the moment. We actually went for this afternoon tea two months ago, before my gestational diabetes diagnosis. Looking back now I guess you could say it was my last hoorah!

Hotel Indigo is situated in Cardiff City Centre, it’s super easy to get to and the perfect place to stop for a break mid-shopping spree. You will find the Marco Pierre White Restaurant on the top floor of Hotel Indigo. Here you can enjoy drinks, a traditional British food menu and, of course, afternoon tea, in a cosy, relaxing atmosphere; or you can pop out on to the terrace area to take in the spectacular views over the city centre.

Review of Afternoon Tea at Marco Pierre White Restaurant, Hotel Indigo Cardiff - view from roof top terrace

We were seated as soon as we arrived, and asked if we had any dietary requirements. I mentioned that I was pregnant and therefore would need my beef to be well done (the menu stated that there would be rare roast beef sandwiches), I also asked that, as they were altering the beef sandwiches anyway, they could leave the horseradish from mine. Our drinks were bought over quickly and Spencer thoroughly enjoyed “one of the best mochas that he has ever tasted”, prepared by our super friendly waiter Phillip.

review of Afternoon Tea at Marco Pierre White Restaurant, Hotel Indigo Cardiff - Fentimans

The afternoon tea arrived beautifully presented and we could’t wait to get stuck in! We did notice that the macarons were missing so we mentioned this to our waiter, who bought them over shortly after. The sandwiches were nice and fresh with generous fillings, although Spencer was a little disappointed that my dietary requirements had been taken into account across the whole of the tea, rather than just my half.

We also noticed the sandwich fillings were a little inconsistent, for example, much to Spencer’s amusement I took a bite of a ham & mustard sandwich and almost spat it out, the mustard was super strong and overpowering my mouth felt like it was on fire. Spencer mocked me as he had already ate a ham & mustard sandwich and didn’t find it to be too hot at all. We traded a few sandwiches so that I wouldn’t have any more of the ham & mustard. Spencer then got to the sandwich that I had previously taken a bite from, and he too almost spat it out. It turned out that particular sandwich had a huge dollop of mustard in, whereas the rest had a more tolerable slithering.

review of Afternoon Tea at Marco Pierre White Restaurant, Hotel Indigo Cardiff - macarons

Once we had enjoyed the sandwiches we couldn’t wait to tuck into our freshly baked scones. These were served with clotted cream, strawberry jam and a pot of fresh strawberries. We loved the addition of the fresh strawberries and enjoyed them with our scones. The scones had cooled down when we ate them which was a slight shame as I do enjoy a warm scone and I personally prefer it for the scones to come out warm when requested, rather than with the whole afternoon tea.

review of Afternoon Tea at Marco Pierre White Restaurant, Hotel Indigo Cardiff - freshly baked scones with clotted cream, jam and fresh strawberries

Once we had devoured the delicious scones we moved onto the cakes, or at least Spencer did, at this point I was too full to eat anything else. Spencer enjoyed all of his cakes. I requested a box so that I could take mine home, unfortunately it was a boiling hot day and the cakes didn’t appreciate being carted around and had turned into a big, gloopy mess by the time I ate them. It was a very tasty gloopy mess though!

Despite a few little niggles we thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon tea at Marco Pierre White Restaurant, the food and atmosphere were fantastic and the staff were lovely and attentive. I would definitely return, and may well book up in readiness for my Christmas shopping spree.

The traditional afternoon tea costs £19.95 per person and must be pre-booked.

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  • Reply Kim Carberry 11th August 2018 at 9:29 pm

    Oh wow! What an amazing afternoon tea despite the niggles.
    I am sure we have a Marco Pierre White restaurant up here in the North East. I might have to convince my fella to treat me. hehehe x

  • Reply Lauren 11th August 2018 at 9:47 pm

    This looks amazing! Would love to book one for myself next time I am in Cardiff

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