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All I Want For Christmas is… Aluminium Bifolds & Windows?

7th December 2016
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Well, actually, I’d prefer a mac *insert crying laughing face here, because I’m that funny*, but, in all seriousness, wouldn’t aluminium bifolds be lovely? I’ll be working from home in January and absolutely love the idea of a light, bright office with loads of natural light, so could really use some bifolds from local firm, The Monmouthshire Window Company.

Aluminium bifold doors from Welsh firm The Monmouthshire Window Company

I have a lot of plans for when I finish work in January and concentrate on my blogging. I’m going to be Superwoman and quite possibly dominate the entire world. I’m going to cook home made meals every day, make my own bread, keep a tidy house and my blog and social media channels are going to ace.

In order to do all of this I need a nice, light house. My house needs to be Instagram perfect. As any serial instagram-er and blogger knows natural light is something that we prey upon, we crave it and will crawl into corners in order to capture that last glimpse of natural light.

The all coveted natural light would flood into my house if only I could have some bifold doors. My office would be based right by the doors, obviously. The walls would be white. I would have a white desk where my Mac and a cacti or two sat, probably with a few copper stationery pieces and accessories. Above my desk there would be motivational quotes on the wall in white frames. I would calmly, and happily, sit here and blog the day away.

So you see, I really do need some Bifold doors for Christmas, they would help with my productivity, my photography, my blog and my Instagram game. Also, they would look very pretty as they come in a range of colour and finish options so I could ensure that they were very ‘me’ and on brand.

Spencer, if you’re reading – they are super energy efficient meaning decreased energy expenditure – everyone is a winner!

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