The Amazing Advantages Of Vinyl Flooring

The Amazing Advantages Of Vinyl Flooring

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I’ve heard a lot of people raving about vinyl flooring recently. Apparently, it’s ‘the new laminate flooring’ and is excellent in many rooms in your home. So, I had a look at it and found out some very interesting things. This flooring type has some unique properties that throw up a whole host of advantages. It wouldn’t be fair if I kept all these to myself, so here are the amazing advantages of vinyl flooring:

Very Easy To Install

Vinyl flooring is perhaps the easiest type of flooring to install. There are only two things you need; a level subflooring, and your vinyl flooring itself. Other than that, you simply stick it down to the subflooring, and it’s good to go. In a lot of cases, you can install this yourself, making it all the more convenient for any home DIY maniacs!

It’s Already Cushioned

Most other flooring types aren’t already cushioned and require additional things to be bought and installed between them and your subfloor. But, as Factory Direct Flooring points out, the structure of vinyl material means this flooring is already cushioned. There’s no need for any extra things to be attached to it so it can be quickly installed without any fuss or extra money leaving your pocket.

Helps Reduce Noise

As a consequence of the extra cushioning this floor provides, it can also serve to help reduce noise in your home. This makes it an excellent choice for your bathroom upstairs, as it stifles footsteps. So, you won’t hear someone clunking around above your head.

Extremely Durable

If you purchase some high-quality vinyl flooring, then you’ll find it’s extremely durable. The material is made to withstand heavy loads and will easily deal with everyone running around on it in their shoes during the morning rush every day. Some experts suggest you can get a decade or two out of your vinyl flooring, which also means it represents outstanding value for money.

Resistant To Water

A massive advantage of vinyl flooring is how well it stands up to water. It’s almost impossible for any water to break through vinyl flooring. It just sits there on the surface, making it easy to clean up spillages and prevent deep water-damage in your floors. This is why so many people choose vinyl as their flooring in the kitchen and bathroom. When it comes to water resistance, very few flooring options can compete with it.

Many Different Styles

With hardwood or laminate flooring, you’re kind of restricted as to the style you’re looking for. There aren’t many colour shades other that pale or dark browns. But, with vinyl, you have such a broad range of colour choices and styles to choose from. There are typical brown wooden looks, but also blues and reds as well. It’s a wonderful option for someone looking to add more colour to a room in their home.

Is vinyl flooring going to be the latest addition to your home? Well, if you’re thinking of renovating one of your rooms or hallways, then you should definitely give it a big consideration!

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