Family Fun at Christmas with The Christmas Bingo Card

Family Fun at Christmas with The Christmas Bingo Card
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Today the realisation hit that it is Christmas NEXT WEEK! Straight to Amazon I went, I seriously love Prime. Stocking fillers and remainder of presents sorted I started to think about Christmas Day itself, we’re hosting Christmas again this year and obviously it has to be full of fun and laughter. I love a good game, but, I’m not the best at general knowledge so a game that requires very little thinking and is suitable for most ages ticks all the boxes for me.

Christmas Bingo card free to download

This bingo card, created by bingo site experts Paddy Power is fab. It covers traditions such as sprouts and arguments on Eastenders, as well as drunk relatives and overeating, also the lesser likely snow! See how many you can tick off and how traditionally British your holidays is.

I’m pretty sure I would be able to tick the majority of these off, though I may struggle with a full house as I don’t watch Eastenders and the chances of it actually snowing on Christmas day are slim but none!

What would you like to see included on your family Christmas Bingo card? I would definitely change Eggnog to Snowballs as they are our traditional family tipple at Christmas time!

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