Baby Girl Party Outfits : My Picks

Baby Girl Party Outfits : My Picks

Aria has a better social life than me. This month alone she has three parties to attend. I currently only have one party dress for her which just won’t do, she can’t be seen in the same social circles wearing the same dress all the time now can she? She has an amazing casual wardrobe (better than mine) but her ever increasing popularity means that I really need to work on the party wardrobe.

I’ve picked some of my favourite party dresses from Matalan, Next and Esprit, all available in Aria’s current size 6-9 months.

baby girl party dresses wishlist all fit size 6-9 months

Next £14 || Next £13 || Matalan £10 || Matalan £10 || Esprit £29 || Esprit £19

The pink and floral theme here is completely unintentional, I hadn’t realised just how drawn I was to pink florals until putting this collage together, well, maybe I had…

The denim blue dress sticks out like a sore thumb in amongst this lot but I really like it and was instantly drawn to it, Aria suits blue so I know this would look good on her.

Which of these party dresses is your favourite? Where do you tend to buy your children’s party clothing?

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