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3rd April 2011

Hi all

I’m a bit behind with reading blogs this weekend as I’ve had such a busy weekend, fab but busy and exhausting! Can’t handle the drink like I used to any more! Thankfully the lovely Christina pointed this post out to me! HUGE thanks for thinking that me and my blog are worthy of the award!!

You must link 10 blogs
Tell them about the award
Write 10 facts about yourself

10 Facts About Me:
1) I’m a big believer in fate, I believe that our lives are already mapped out for us with several different paths to take along the way.
2) My cousin David was in Big Brother, when he was in there they filmed at our local pub where my sister and I got to meet Ben from BB!
3) I LOVE the Stereophonics and will one day marry Kelly Jones 🙂
4) I got engaged on a roller coast!! (The Saw, Thorpe Park)
5) I’m on Google Street view! It is from a long time ago, when I was blonde and skinny, but its me, stood outside work on my phone!
6) I have a Mortgage
7) I love meat – on the odd occasion I bother to cook a nice joint of meat I pick at it for ages, nothing better than a nice juicy slab of meat, any meat!
8) Dogs scare the hell out of me!
9) I would love to have enough money to quit working and be a house wife full time, baking, cooking delicious meals, house work all day every day – fab!
10) I’m hungover & tired writing this and can’t think of much else to write!


10 Blogs I Would Pass This Onto Are:

1) Rosie

3) Beth
4) Nadine
5) Rai
6) Dee
7) Rani
8) Emma
10) Gem
There were loads more of you that I wanted to award but I had to stick to 10!! Once again, big thanks Christina!! 

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  • Reply Christina Marie 3rd April 2011 at 8:20 pm

    That's not a problem! Haha, I love how you're related to Dave and look at Ben just chilling in his suit 😛 x

  • Reply Emma 3rd April 2011 at 8:22 pm

    congrats and thanks for passing on to me 🙂
    david from BB, as in 'the glory'? i loved Ben too haha!
    i too am scared of dogs x

  • Reply Kenzie 4th April 2011 at 12:08 am

    Love that you're on google street view, you're famous now haha 😉

  • Reply xXxStundonxXx 4th April 2011 at 10:19 am

    Ben was such a lovely guy, he wanted to see the photo after and he gave us both a kiss! We didn't tell him that we're related to David though, should have really but didn't think of it – was a bit star struck haha!
    Yep Emma, as in the glory haha bloody nutter he is!
    Google street view, my 5 mins of fame! I got so excited when I found myself! xx

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