#Blogfest16 – Vlog, Round-up & Goody Bag Haul

#Blogfest16 – Vlog, Round-up & Goody Bag Haul

Last weekend I travelled to London to attend Blogfest, a blogging conference organised by Mumsnet. With promises of celebs such as Louise Pentland, the Saccone-Jolys, Davina McCall and an epic goody bag it sounded like we were in for a right treat and I couldn’t wait.

#Blogfest16 - blogging conference with interviews from Louise Pentland of Sprinkle of Glitter, SacconeJolys and Davina McCall - round up, vlog and goody bag haul

I travelled and roomed with the lovely Danielle of Someone’s Mum, I have been chatting to her for ages now and it was so nice to finally meet her, I’m pleased to say that she is just as nice in the flesh, always a relief!

There were several chats and sessions throughout the day at Blogfest, all of which were hosted by very talented, intelligent and often vocal people. The sessions in the main hall were the main sessions, ones where pretty much everyone attended, including the few dad bloggers that were there, and boy oh boy, were those sessions tense? A lot of these women are very strong and opinionated feminists, which is great, women need a voice and deserve to be treated equally.

My problem was that a lot of the time they seemed to be fighting sexism with sexism which just isn’t right. There were quite a few digs at men in the main hall sessions, at one point someone actually asked if we could just use the men’s toilets instead of queueing, insinuating that the men were inferior. This left me feeling a little uneasy, although there weren’t many men in attendance there were a few and I would not have wanted to be in their position.

I decided to attend the YouTube sessions throughout the day as I really want to get into my YouTube, thankfully these were held by absolutely lovely people who catered for both sexes, phew. I met and listened to talks from some amazing people, including the adorable Louise Pentland. Louise was the sole reason that I decided to book my Blogfest tickets to be honest, I’m such a fan girl as her blog was one of the first that I read back when I didn’t even know what a blog was. I almost missed the opportunity to have a photo with her as did Hayley but thankfully we managed to nab her just in time, apologies if I was a little feisty ha!

Louise Pentland Sprinkle of Glitter having photos taken with fans and fellow vloggers at Blogfest16

At  one point I sat in a room chatting to The Unmumsy Mum while Louise Pentland sat on the stage directly in front of me and I just thought ‘wow, what am I doing here?’. In reality I had paid for a ticket and anyone could have been in my place, but still, wow.

I had a great time and it was lovely to meet so many new bloggers/vloggers and catch up with so many who have become friends. Shout outs to all of those who gave me business cards – Claire at The Pramshed, Beta Mummy, Vicky Flipflop. I’m sure that I had a lot more cards than that, if I find them I will edit to include them!

If you would like to see more of the day, watch the interviews with the amazing panels and take a peek into the infamous Blogfest goody bag have a watch of my vlog :


  1. 17th November 2016 / 9:25 pm

    Love it. Love how me and France are on our phones as you pan round… had a brilliant time with you. Sorry about the drive home…

  2. 17th November 2016 / 9:26 pm

    *Fran. Obviously. I bet she gets that all the time…

  3. 19th November 2016 / 9:56 pm

    I love that Earl video-bombed bless, so cute x

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