Blogging Income & Stats August 2017

1st September 2017
Blogging Income & Stats August 2017 - A parenting and lifestyle blogger

For a moment I genuinely thought that I wasn’t going to earn anything during August. I started to panic, but thankfully a few small SEO type jobs came in towards the end of the month. They weren’t big payments but they paid fast and all added up to a fairly decent sum. While a lot of bloggers frown upon people taking these low fees, I see no issue with it, especially if they are the difference between putting food on the table or not.

I’ve started to notice that my stats have been soaring recently, unfortunately when this was looked into it came to light that I have a lot of bot hits from Romania, Germany and a few other countries. This is a great shame as my stats will have been good this month due to a very popular giveaway, but they are skewed due to these bots. The bots have now been blocked so future reports will be more accurate.

My skewed stats show 29,709 page views, 23,571 of which were from unique users. My domain authority is now on 37, I dropped A LOT in the Tots100 chart and am now out of the top 100 and ranked at 107, they did change a metric this month and have said that the charts aren’t accurate but should settle at the next update, so hopefully I will go back up then. My Klout has has been fluctuating between 65 & 66 and is currently sat at 66.

My followings as of 1st September are:

Facebook : 1,220
Twitter : 8,244
Instagram : 25,195
Pinterest : 1,221
Google+ : 408
Bloglovin’ : 1,349
YouTube : 400

My earnings during August were:

Sponsored blog post fees – £533.50
Sponsored social media fees – £50
Referral fees/advertising revenue – £65.41

Total income – £648.91

Hosting fees – £4.99
Paypal fees – £17.13 (I get charged when companies pay me via Paypal)
Photoshop – £8.57
iCloud Storage – £2.49
Social media scheduling – £19.39
Epidemic Sound – £10.00 (YouTube music)

Total Expenses : £62.57

Total income less expenses : £586.34

On top of the income I received the following to promote/review.

August Degustabox, playhouse, electric blinds, bed for Aria and paint for Aria’s bedroom.

I currently have outstanding sponsored post fees totalling £1,110.

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  • Reply Dan 11th September 2017 at 5:40 am

    I wish I could join you (and a bunch of other bloggers recently) in saying my stats are soaring! There’s a consistent flow of less than 10 users a day to a single post on my site, but they don’t stick around. Something I need to change! I love reading these reports though, even if I do get jealous. It’s something to aspire to! Thank you!

  • Reply Lisa 20th September 2017 at 12:06 pm

    Well done. I really need to up my game. My stats are steady but not increasing at a great rate. I don’t think I’m using Instagram quite right as for every follow I seem to have somebody unfollow me and I only have 800 and something followers. I am a serial refresher when I have my blog stats open I constantly refresh to see if they’ve changed. I would probably get a hell of a lot more work done if I didn’t do that.

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