Blogging Income & Stats January 2017

2nd February 2017

This month has been a worry as it is my first month where blogging has been my sole income. To be honest I think that every subsequent month from now on will be a worry. Thankfully I needn’t have worried this month. I earned a little more than I would in a part time job which is the main aim.

I’ve really struggled this month, the plan is for me to have childcare three days a week so that I can knuckle down and work, this month however the first week Aria was ill so I only had two days childcare and the third week Aria was ill so I had no childcare. Thankfully I managed to plow through and get quite a bit done, I now have a laptop which is a great help because it means that when she is ill and just watching Peppa Pig I can crack on and do some work done.

Thankfully a lot of people are researching Slimming World recipes right now so I received a lot of traffic from Pinterest and didn’t see a dip where I may have normally. I have also really been working at social media promoting and this is beginning to show.

January ended up being one of my best month’s, if not THE best month, for me traffic wise. My blog received 23,277 page views 13,602 of which were from unique users. I finished the month with a domain authority of 28 and a Klout score of 71. The top 100 of Tots100 has been a very distant dream of mine for so long, but for now, I am smugly sitting pretty at 90!  My followings on the 1st January are as follows :
Facebook : 887
Twitter : 6,015
Instagram : 17,062
Pinterest : 850
Google+ : 402
Bloglovin’ : 1,146
YouTube : 136

Sponsored blog post fees – £396
Sponsored instagram fees – £125
Advertising fees – £63.79

Total income – £584.79


Paypal fees – £18.91 (annoyingly I get charged when companies pay me via Paypal)
Social media scheduling programme – £8.38
Photoshop – £8.57
iCloud Storage – £0.79
BlogOn Ticket – £47.48
Facebook advertising – £3

Total Expenses : £87.13

Total income less expenses : £497.66

On top of the income I received approximately £918.84 worth of products to promote/review.

Total income, less expenses + review items : £1,416.50

Review items/products to promote were : Mattress, HelloFresh box, Bluestone holiday, various Nuby items, Book of Everything, outfit from Yours Clothing, Bostik craft box, Degustabox, Teami teas and Kate Spade stationery

I currently have outstanding sponsored post fees totalling £241, I still have £18 of eBay commission sitting there, I had expected it to be paid in January but it wasn’t, maybe I’ll get it this month. I’m feeling a lot more confident going into the month with over £200 outstanding fees. Knowing that they will (hopefully) be paid this month means that I can relax a little. 

My five most popular posts published in January were : 

Blogging for a living
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The Twatty Twos

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  • Reply What the Redhead said 3rd February 2017 at 12:47 pm

    I think the best thing for me now I'm a few months in is having outstanding invoices, it definitely takes the pressure off x

  • Reply Welsh Cakes and Wellies 22nd February 2017 at 7:46 pm

    Wowsers, almost 14,000 visitors to your site, amazing! Well done you that’s awesome!

  • Reply karamath 29th June 2017 at 6:23 pm

    Hi Leanne,

    I saw you tweeting about blogging and I thought I’d check out your website. I really like it. Looks like Leanne has come a long way!
    Good job with the Yoast plugin SEO is so important these days.

    Keep making great stuff!

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