Bluestone Wales : Day Four

Bluestone Wales : Day Four
A gigantic fairy lit tree, a dragon’s egg, baby sensory and a beautiful sunset. Read on to find out what we got up to on day four of our stay at Bluestone Wales.

On our last day at Bluestone we decided to have a lazy morning followed by lunch at The Wildwood Cafe. We opted to take the scenic route to the adventure centre which is where the cafe is based, passing the Steep Ravine. I took a photo and walked on, that looks way too scary for my liking! 
The Wildwood Cafe was on my list of places to visit, I had seen several photos of this 20ft tree and really wanted to see it for myself. He was pretty impressive, as was the whole cafe. There were fairy lights a-plenty and various coloured lights shining in the room. Aria was quite mesmerised by all of the lights.
Apologies for the photo overload, it was such a photogenic place! 
I ordered the steak and onion sandwich, it came with crisps but I didn’t want those so ordered a bowl of chips on the side. Spencer ordered the burger. My sandwich was amazing, the onions were caramelised (they let me know this at the bar when ordering) and they were so nice. Spencer assured me that his burger was also very tasty despite not being the most aesthetically pleasing. He was disappointed that the bun was bigger than the burger and that there wasn’t an option to add cheese.
We had a little time to pass between the Sensory class that we had booked in for Aria and our lunch so decided to walk our lunch off. While out walking we stumbled across this giant dragon’s egg, we’re assuming that this is part of one of the bookable activities.
Still passing time Spencer had a play in the adventure centre, we then sat and had a drink while giggling at this sign. Bluestone seems to host many a funny sign.
We then took Aria to the Baby Sensory class that we had pre-booked. I don’t know much about sensory classes but was a little disappointed. I had expected the room to be darker with a lot more pretty, colourful lights. In reality there were a few fairy lights on the ceiling, a couple of flashing balls and two floating fish lamps in the corners of the room. The lights in the cafe were more impressive. Lighting aside Aria did seem to enjoy the class, she was very interested in watching the other babies. The one part of the class that I didn’t like was that they gave each baby a present to unwrap, once unwrapped they were allowed to play with it for a few minutes before it was taken back off them, Aria wasn’t bothered as she is too little to understand but the class was suitable for babies aged 0-13 months, some of the older babies were very upset when their present was taken off them, as I would be! 
We bought Aria an owl puppet from the Adventure Centre, I wanted to buy her a present from her first ever holiday. Back at the lodge Gracie and Olly had fun playing with the puppet, Aria wasn’t that impressed by it though! 
As it was our last night we all took a stroll down to The Knight’s Tafarn for a family meal.
I ordered the chicken goujon burger with cheese & garlic croutons, chips and coleslaw. It came back with mint mayo rather than coleslaw but I quite enjoyed this the last time I had it so didn’t complain. For pudding I had a delicious chocolate orange pot.  A few people had fish and chips and complained that the batter was too greasy. My sister was sick later in the evening, as was my mam earlier in the week following her sausage in batter. 
Much to Gracie’s delight we stopped at the Treetops Adventure playground on the way back to the lodge. I had the pushchair so didn’t enter the main part of the playground, there were steps and obstacles everywhere. I did go into the smaller part for a little bit but didn’t stay for long as Aria was restless and wanted to be moving constantly which isn’t ideal in a small park covered in wood chippings. 
This will be the last of my ‘what we did’ posts, check out was at 10am the following morning so we woke up, packed and left, after getting my last mocha and brownie from the bakery of course! (caramel shot this time). There will be one final Bluestone post which will be my overall impressions of the place so keep your eyes peeled for that.
It was quite fitting that I captured the sun setting on our final day at Bluestone.
Bluestone, you’ve been a blast, thanks for having us.

Bluestone Kingdom of the Elves


  1. 6th May 2015 / 10:33 pm

    This looks like a fun place to visit and the food looks so tasty x

  2. 7th May 2015 / 7:04 pm

    Still not been even though it's so close to us. It looks really lovely.

  3. 7th May 2015 / 9:47 pm

    I must admit, I was disappointed with the sensory play – I expected a dark room full of fibre optic lights, giant wax lamps and all that kind of thing, but we were sat in a room on a play mat – in all honesty, the mummy club I take him to every Thursday which lasts for 2 hours costing only £1 is 10 times better and more stimulating with more toys etc.

    I also didn't have 'great' experiences at the Knights Tafarn – we had so many dirty glasses, and when I say dirty, I mean not washed at all, even when I complained and they gave me a 'clean' glass, it was still disgusting and had to be returned to them, they couldn't find a clean glass…

  4. 9th May 2015 / 9:47 pm

    We had an amazing time at Bluestone a couple of years ago – although like you, a few little things that we felt disappointed with. I hope your mum and sister are okay after being sick. How horrible! I love the photo of your children running down the path with all the trees x

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