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Bluestone Wales : Day Three

5th May 2015
A walk in the wild, a cheeky duck, a picnic at a lake and a Welsh Italian. Carry on reading to discover what we got up to on day three of our stay at Bluestone Wales.
quirky sign in woods stop reading this sign and keep walking

girl with baby in wrap under yellow rain coat stood in woods
On day three we all went our separate ways. Spencer and I decided to ditch the pushchair and use the KangaWrap so that we could go on an adventure! With Aria safely tucked in under my bright new raincoat from Primark we headed to Camp Smokey to start our adventure.
camp smokey sign at bluestone wales
camp smokey bluestone wales barbecue with smoke rising into woods
Camp Smokey was a hub of excitement. There were people chilling and drinking beer while waiting for their freshly cooked barbecue food. It smelt amazing and killed me to carry on walking, but we had a picnic with us and had already made plans to finish our walk at the lake with said picnic so on we went.
person mid zip wire in woods
bluestone wales tree top activities
We watched people swinging from trees and having a great time, I was secretly very grateful to have Aria strapped to me and therefore an excuse not to get involved, I’m not the biggest fan of heights! It did look like a lot of fun and something that I was I had the guts to do.
pretty path through woods
Once away from the buzz of Camp Smokey we explored the woods and discovered some of the most beautiful, peaceful places.
straight row of trees edging woods
bluebells in woods
close up image of bluebells and buttercups
wild stream in woods
wig wam made of twigs in woods
into the wild activity at bluestone wales
We stumbled across these intriguing wig wams and signs which we assume are part of the ‘Into The Wild’ bookable activity.
wide eyed baby girl in mother's arms
Following all of this walking we were all a bit tired and hungry so stopped off at the lake for our picnic. Aria was the first to be fed, who could deny that face?
man bottle feeding baby at lake while having a picnic
When we eventually got around to eating our bagels the cheekiest ducks came so close to us that we thought they were going to steal them, thankfully a load of children appeared just after I took this photo and the ducks were more interested in them which meant that we could relax and eat our food without the fear of a duck stealing it from us!
close up image of a duck
girl standing with duck at lake
After the picnic we headed off to the lodge for a couple of hours, with a bakery stop in between of course, that day I had an orange shot in my mocha which was amazing.
While back at the lodge and reunited with my cardigan (the strangest thing happened, I lost my plain old cream cardigan while we were out walking, my parents later went out for a walk, they didn’t know that I had lost my cardigan but my mam found one on the floor and was convinced that it belonged to me, she picked it up and it smelt like baby which convinced her further, and, as luck would have it, it was mine!) we convinced my parents to look after Aria that evening so that Spencer and I could go out. We were both itching to eat at the Oak Tree Restaurant. The Oak Tree Restaurant is an Italian inspired restaurant that uses all Welsh ingredients.
salmon at the Oak Tree restaurant bluestone wales
crab risotto with pan fried cod and kale in rich tomato sauce at oak tree restaurant bluestone wales
chocolate fondant with glazed banana and roasted hazelnuts at oak tree restaurant bluestone wales
Spencer had Salmon from the specials board, I had the brown crab risotto and pan fried cod with tomato sauce and kale. We both chose the pudding from the specials board which was a chocolate fondant cake, roasted hazelnuts, glazed banana and vanilla ice cream, it was pretty amazing.
As well as serving high quality, delicious food the restaurant had a lovely atmosphere, the staff were very polite and formal but the atmosphere remained relaxed.

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