Bluestone Wales : Day Two

Bluestone Wales : Day Two
A secret fairy village, a Harry Potter-esque tournament field, an Adventure Centre, a Medieval pub, coffee & cake. Carry on reading to discover exactly what we got up to on day two of our stay at Bluestone Wales.
Secret fairy village in woods with colourful bunting

sky scenery Blue Lagoon swimming Bluestone Wales Oakwood Theme Park in background
I really wanted to take Aria swimming in the Blue Lagoon but she is only just fitting into newborn clothes and we couldn’t find a swimsuit small enough for her, we didn’t really know where to look and could only find 0-3 months in the places that we did look. Instead we went along to watch Gracie & Olly enjoying the Blue Lagoon with their parents, Gemma & Tom. The first thing that we noticed was how strict it was, before entering the viewing area we had to leave the pushchair behind and put blue bags over our shoes, I felt like I was going into an operating feature. All becomes clear as you enter the viewing area, it all joins up with the swimming pool and you do have some swimmers walking up into the viewing area to access the slides. Even though it seemed like a faff to put bags on our feet at first once we realised why we were really impressed with the hygiene standards.
The Blue Lagoon itself looked pretty awesome, there were so many different parts including the slides, lazy river and baby pool. The wave machine went off every now and again and they were proper waves! We saw people being knocked over by them as they were so strong. There is a warning sound before they start which gives you time to get out if you don’t like them.
I know that a lot of people worry about taking younger children/babies swimming as it isn’t always warm enough, you really do not have to worry about this here, it was boiling in there. So hot that Aria slept the whole time we were there despite the noise, maybe it was a good job that I didn’t buy her a costume after all!
scampi chips salad and tartar sauce
sausages dips pitta bread and salad served on a wooden plank
After a busy hour watching the swimming Spencer and I, along with Aria, headed off in search of some food. We settled on traditional pub grub at The Knights Tafarn. Spencer ordered scampi and chips and I ordered spicy lamb sausages with pitta bread, salad, mint mayo & a spicy dip. The food arrived quickly, was hot and presented well, we both really enjoyed it.
Rustic medieval pub interior
The pub itself is a very traditional, medieval themed pub. It features large log fires, chairs designed to look like thrones and most importantly, friendly staff.
man holding baby
woman holding baby
marque with colourful bunting and dramatic sky line
With full bellies we decided to explore the Bluestone Village, the whole resort is centred around this beautiful little village and this is where we could buy food, find out information and even have a spa treatment. There is a very pretty tent in the village where they host certain activities.
cottages and pretty scenery
colourful cottages at Bluestone Wales
As well as the lodges that we stayed in there are also colourful cottages available to rent at Bluestone. A pretty cool milk vending machine sits in amongst them.
The village at Bluestone Wales
Caramel macchiato on plate with dribble down side
coffee and cakes
After all of that walking (it really wasn’t much walking but any excuse for a treat!) we stopped off at Miller’s, the village bakery for a treat. Spencer opted for a Caramel Macchiato with a caramel shortbread and I went for a Mocha with a shot of hazelnut and a chocolate brownie. This was all amazing and visiting the bakery to try out a mocha with a different flavour shot became a part of my daily routine.
The bakery is quite small, we could have got the pushchair in but it would have been a squeeze so we chose to sit outside with the pushchair, thankfully Aria was wrapped up warm so this wasn’t a problem.
baby in pushchair with pink taggy blanket
While walking back up the steep hill to our lodge we stumbled upon this pretty cool snake, being the child that I am I had to walk through it and not around it.
path made from twig arch
Snake made from Twig arch at Bluestone Wales
View at Bluestone Wales including snake made from twig arch
After going our separate ways we all met up back at the lodge to chill out for a while. There was a puppet show on at the Adventure Centre that day so we decided to go along on the off chance that there may be remaining spaces, though we really should have booked in advance. The kids were so excited along the way to the centre and kept stopping to look at things so we didn’t make it in time for the puppet show. Instead we decided to have a play around in the centre.
wooden hut in bluestone wales adventure centre
This is where the puppet show was held.
mini golf in bluestone wales adventure centre
Most of the activities in the adventure centre are free of charge, including mini golf. I’m no golfer but I did have some fluky shots involving balls bouncing off four edges and landing in the hole, couldn’t do that again if I tried! Despite none of us being pro-golfers we had a great giggle having a go.
the hide play area in adventure centre at bluestone wales
kid excitedly exiting slide fastly
Gracie enjoyed exploring and climbing ‘The Hide’ while Olly enjoyed the more tame soft play area, again, both were free. The kids loved the adventure centre, Gracie was particularly excited by the fact that there was a bouncy castle there and it wasn’t even anyone’s birthday!
ten pence slot machines
Us adults enjoyed the ten pence machines, why are these things so addictive?
pink glitter on wooden path
We decided to go on a slightly different route back home and stumbled across a path full of glitter, of course we had to follow this path to find out where it led, it looked very exciting!
girl holding out hand covered in pink glitter
twig archway with bunting and colourful toadstools
two children peering into a hobbit house
tea pot fairy house
colourful painted trees in enchanted fairy forest at bluestone wales
We were very right to be excited, the path led us to the most magically decorated fairy village. The trees were painted all different colours, there were sparkly fabrics hanging around the place, glitter absolutely everywhere and fairy houses dotted around the place. As we were about to leave I spotted a tree stump full of little bags of glitter, or should I say fairy dust! The kids both excitedly grabbed a bag each to take home.
The secret fairy village at bluestone wales tree stump containing fairy dust
girl running towards the tournament field at bluestone wales
Back on our journey home to our lodge we came across the Tournament Field, this reminded me a lot of Harry Potter. There weren’t any activities going on while we were there but we enjoyed looking around, and also spotted a wild rabbit (there are so many cute wild rabbits around the resort, keep your eyes peeled for them if you decide to visit).
wild rabbit at bluestone wales
the tournament field at bluestone wales row of archery boards
Day two was all about discovering Bluestone and our surroundings, we discovered a lot but not even half of what the resort offers! Keep your eyes peeled to find out what we got up to on day three.


  1. 5th May 2015 / 8:15 am

    I'm so shocked with how much there is to do in Bluestone! I love the Blue Lagoon – I've been a few times with friends when I was younger for a swim – but would love to stay the weekend as it looks so much fun! I don't have kids but would be great if you did, or if you just go with your other half it looks like theres lots of fun to be had in the spa and restaurants 🙂 xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

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