Building Up Her Confidence in Water with Puddle Ducks

29th May 2018
Building Up Her Confidence in Water with Puddle Ducks

I’ve mentioned a few times previously that Aria really isn’t a fan of water. Spencer and I will hold our hands up and admit that it is entirely our fault. We rarely take her swimming and we would put off bath time as we knew it would be hell. We’ve decided that enough is enough and it really is time to do something about it and get her over her fear of water, which is why I bit their hands off when Puddle Ducks* contacted me asking if we would like to review a block of swimming lessons for Aria.

After having a look at the various lessons offered by Puddle Ducks we decided that their Little Dippers class would suit Aria’s needs perfectly. The class is for 30 months + and is designed to allow your child to enjoy the water with new found independence, build up their confidence to do things on their own (such as entering and exiting the pool) and even begin to swim small distances unaided.

Building Up Her Confidence in Water with Puddle Ducks

I will be honest, Aria is so fearful of water that I will be amazed if she achieves all of the above any time soon, but I will be over the moon if she comes out of it slightly more confident. If we can get her to a stage where she doesn’t cry if she is splashed in the face I will be happy, if we can get her to a stage where she will happily allow us to wash her hair or even voluntarily put her head under the water, I will be beaming.

We’ve already attended the first few lessons and so far I am really impressed with what I’ve seen. The tricks that they use to encourage the little ones to embrace the water, and even dip their head in the water, are so clever. I know that it is going to take us a little while, but I am confident that with the help of Puddle Ducks Aria will become a little mermaid after all!

Keep your eyes peeled for an update once our first block of ten lessons runs out.

Find your nearest Puddle Ducks class here.

*Disclosure – We are receiving the swimming lessons in exchange for blog promotion*

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