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Review of The Candy Grand'O Vita Washing Machine GVS168D3
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Review : The Candy Grand’O Vita Washing Machine

A few months back our washing machine broke, and, as I’m sure you can imagine, panic struck. As the owners of a messy toddler we rely heavily on a good, working washing machine. My washing baskets are overflowing at the best of times. Thankfully…

22nd March 2018
Let's Stop The Block - Welsh Water campaign - toddler throwing wet wipes down the toilet
Lifestyle Parenting

To Prevent Your Blushes, Check Your Flushes!

Potty training comes with a whole host of new challenges and temptations. What do I do with the poop afterwards? What do I do when my toddler fills the dirtied potty up with dirty wet wipes? On a number of occasions I’ve been tempted…

21st March 2018
matching Christmas pyjamas Disney

The Festive Season In Photos

It may come as a surprise (it certainly did to me!) that I took barely any photos over the festive period. On Christmas day itself I took just two photos; one of Aria and the obligatory Christmas dinner photo, of course! As much as…

11th January 2018