The Cockapoo and The Toddler, One Year On

25th September 2018
personalised blanket and cushion dog and toddler

*Disclosure – This post is sponsored by Snapfish and the products were provided free of charge for the purpose of this post*

It’s been a year since we introduced Dobby, the cockapoo pup, into our family home and in that time his and Aria’s bond has grown from strength to strength. Aria idolises Dobby and him her. He is more than her dog, he is her best friend.

Dobby is uncontrollable, mischievous and often very naughty. He rarely listens to me and I threaten to re-home him approximately 50 times a day, which makes Aria very sad. I’m pretty sure that if Aria had to pick me or the dog she wouldn’t pick me.

The feeling between them both is mutual. Dobby sees Aria as his playmate, his partner in crime. When Aria is playing he gets involved, whenever Aria goes out he cries, whenever Aria comes home he gets crazy excited. She is his best friend.

personalised blanket and cushion dog and toddler

As is life, it isn’t all bliss and happiness. Dobby very often gets jealous of Aria, making one on one time playing with her quite difficult as he just has to get involved. Dobby likes to chew anything and everything. His favourite chew toys are Aria’s toys. Aria is the proud owner of a very large collection of amputee dolls. But she doesn’t hold it against him.

personalised blanket and cushion dog and toddler

Aria has had a lot going on her life lately, what with the introduction of baby Carrie and the responsibility of being a big sister, so we decided that she deserved a cosy treat, something to cwtch up to if she is feeling left out, or just a bit sad. Something to remind her that she isn’t alone.

Needless to say Aria was over the moon when her personalised fleecy blanket arrived, along with a cushion, both easily designed via Snapfish (discount code at the bottom of the post!). The print quality is absolutely fantastic. I was worried that with the photo being blown up so much it may not be great, but I needn’t have worried, the larger than life size Aria and Dobby look fantastic and fit in with the decor in Aria’s bedroom perfectly.

personalised blanket and cushion dog and toddler

If someone in your life deserves a perfectly personalised treat click here and use code PETS40 to take 40% off site wide at Snapfish. Expires 30 September 2018.

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  • Reply Tom Briggs 27th September 2018 at 9:50 am

    I wish my kids had such a close bond with our cat – she seems to just tolerate them and vice versa! These are lovely pictures and, having used Snapfish myself, can vouch for the quality of the products they make. 🙂

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