Creative Uses for Your Closet Space

Creative Uses for Your Closet Space

Extra storage space is something that some people would kill for, but for the rest of us, extra storage can often feel under-utilised. Take our closets for example; some of us just don’t have many belongings to store and we make do with the clothes we have without having to buy extras. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make extra use of that space if you’re willing to get some tools out and get creative. Here are just a few ideas on how you can convert your unused closet into something interesting and useful.

Small Playroom for Children

If you’re expecting kids or you already have some little ones, then turning your closet into a small playroom is a fantastic way to keep all of their toys and games in a single place. You can equip your closet with some drawers and boxes to keep all of their toys in check, and you can add a play mat on the inside so they can safely sit on the floor and play. You’ll want to keep the door open at all times (or simply remove the door) so that you can still hear them playing inside and so they don’t lock themselves in. This makes it easy for you to keep track of their toys, and they won’t leave things like Lego bricks laying around for you to step on by accident.

Extra Toilet

If you invite guests over now and then, you might want to consider getting an extra toilet. This is usually done for downstairs closets, but anywhere you have extra space you could throw in a toilet, a sink and let your guests use it. This is also helpful if you find you and your family constantly waiting to use the toilet. There are many cheap toilets available to make this a cost-effective renovation, and it doesn’t take too much effort if you hire a contractor. This is a fantastic idea that can turn an otherwise useless closet into something much more useful and practical.

Cosy Little Office

If you live in a busy house with a lot of things going on at once, then you might find it difficult to try and get some peace and quiet when you need to work. A great idea, in this case, would be to turn your closet into a cosy little office. You might need quite a bit of space, but if it’s a closet you would normally use for storage, then adding a small desk, a chair and your computer should be no problem. It might even emulate the feeling of an office cubicle which, for some people, could be a fantastic way to motivate themselves to get to work and do something.

Creative Uses for Your Closet Space

Dedicated Library

Storing books can be a pain especially if you have a large collection. They’re heavy, they take up a lot of space and they can easily gather dust if you don’t clean them or use them on a regular basis. That’s why many people have decided to turn their closets into dedicated libraries complete with shelves (obviously) comfortable armchairs and lights to read with. If you have a tall closet, then you might even want to consider a ladder so you can grab books from higher shelves. If you want to make it a little more open, you could knock down the closet walls so it feels more like a small enclosure that’s part of a larger room.

Mini Bar

If you have a closet in a location close to the kitchen, then why not consider turning it into a mini bar? You can keep all of your drinks in one place, keep it temperature controlled if you store wine and also add some bar stools to sit on as you pour yourself a drink. It makes a perfect place to chat with friends, and it will help keep the alcohol safe from spoiling.

Compact Bedroom

Being cramped into a closet probably doesn’t sound appealing to most people, but your closet can make an excellent small bedroom for the kids or even you (if it’s large enough) in the event that you need more sleeping space. For instance, you might need to give up your bedroom for guests, or perhaps you occasionally turn your children’s bedroom into a guest room. Either way, you can easily transform a spacious closet into another temporary bedroom with ease. Either get an airbed, guest bed or even a futon.

Hopefully, these ideas have given you some inspiration on how to make more use of an empty closet.

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