Does my baby have Colic?

16th June 2017

Does my baby have colic? I imagine that this is one of the most google-d phrases from parents of newborns. If your baby is crying in discomfort it is the easiest conclusion to jump to.

We were lucky, Aria never suffered with colic, or at least we don’t think she did. Don’t get me wrong, she would often cry and seemed to suffer from bad wind after a feed, sometimes throwing a little milk back up, sometimes throwing a lot of milk back up. But she never really suffered, not like some poor babies, not like Lianne‘s poor babies.

You see some babies constantly cry, they cry non stop, they cry because they are in severe pain, severe pain caused by Colic. To the parents of colicky babies, I salute you.

Aria’s symptoms were easily resolved. We switched to Dr Brown’s Bottles for a little while and when it got real bad we would massage her stomach and pump her legs, as if she was riding a bicycle. This would usually bring the wind right up.

For some babies these simple tricks won’t work, very often the reason for this is because these babies are suffering with Transient Lactase Deficiency. This is where the immature digestive system of babies struggles to make enough lactase to digest the lactose in their feed, which induces colicky symptoms.

Introducing a lactase enzyme drop, such as Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops, with feeds can often resolve the problem without having to move to or change formula. Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops help make digesting lactose easier for baby without delaying the feeding process.

The drops can be used from birth, and are sugar, preservative and flavour-free. You simply add them to breast milk or infant formula prior to feeding and they work their magic without interfering with the feeding process.

Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops (10ml), priced at £9.99 for 60 feeds, are available from Asda stores or online at and independent pharmacies nationwide.


Care Co-Lactase Infant Drops- does my baby have colic

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    Love this , the drops sound fab! Thanks for mentioning us xx

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