Finding A Local Photographer with Bidvine

Finding A Local Photographer with Bidvine
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There are so many adverts, facebook pages and recommendations from friends nowadays it actually makes the task of finding the perfect photographer quite overwhelming and very confusing. Searching through hundreds of pages on Google can be frustrating, sometimes you just want someone to come to you with a few options and prices, which is where Bidvine comes in handy.

easily find a local photographer with Bidvine, an app that matches customers to local services - just register your interest and wait for the quotes to arrive

Bidvine takes all of the hassle out of searching, you simply download their app or visit their website, fill in a few details and wait for the quotes to come in. Don’t get me wrong, recommendations from friends are great, but when you have five different friends recommending ten different companies it can get quite confusing, especially when everyone thinks that their photography is the best and that you absolutely must use them!

With Bidvine you simply fill in a few simple questions then sit back and wait for up to five quotes to come to you, giving you the opportunity to find a professional who suits your needs without being inundated with choice.

Bidvine isn’t just for photography, it covers so many local services that I can’t manage to name them all, the one that most stands out to me is the domestic cleaners. One day… With all of these services you have the option to compare quotes, ratings and prices.

Working in a photography studio myself I can see how it could be great from a professional point of view too. It is free for both consumers and professionals to sign up. Once the professional has signed up they will receive notifications via email to let them know when a customer request comes in for the area that they cover. They then have the option to pass or quote, though the professional will have to pay a small fee to quote. Once your business is registered on Bidvine you can create a profile to showcase your portfolio and build credibility with customer reviews.

Both the website and app are very easy to use and navigate. The homepage shows popular services and you can easily search for what you are looking for if it isn’t in the popular category. It asks a wide range of questions to ensure that you are matched with the best company for you.

For example, when looking at family photography it asks various questions including what style of images you are looking for, if there is a theme, whether you want physical photos/disc/etc, your budget, how far you are willing to travel and much more to ensure the perfect match for you.I highly recommend giving Bidvine a go at helping you find your perfect match for whatever local service that you are looking for.

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  1. Martin I.
    11th December 2016 / 9:55 am

    i hade a look there its really great. but in my country there where no baby photographers.

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