Finding Me Time When Dealing With An Ill Toddler

3rd November 2016
finding me time when dealing with an ill toddler - when looking after a housebound clingy toddler it is tough and you need a break - I escape reality with Lottoland
Dealing with a toddler can be difficult and all consuming at the best of times, add tonsillitis and Hand, Foot & Mouth into the equation and it is really bloody hard. This was my life last week. Poor Aria really wasn’t well, I took the week off work as she couldn’t go to nursery. I stayed in and looked after her all week, I’m not claiming that I deserve an award or anything, I’m her mam, that’s what we do, I’m just saying that it was bloody hard and I needed to find an escape.


We  were pretty much housebound from Monday until Friday. We managed to get out for a couple of hours on Monday for a very exciting trip to the Doctors and the Chemist for some Penicillin, other than that we didn’t get out until Friday when I decided sod it, enough was enough and we were going for a walk, avoiding contact with other people in the hope that Aria wouldn’t contaminate them!Daddy got to go to work and have a break from whingy, clingy poorly Aria, mammy took time off work to look after clingy Aria. Mammy was going stir crazy.Finding ways to entertain yourself in the house can be difficult. I finished pretty much every series that I’d ever started on Netflix, including Peppa Pig, approximately five million times, Aria’s choice not mine. I couldn’t blog because I was exhausted as Aria wasn’t sleeping. I had to find some other form of relaxation and escape.

I decided to ‘go to Bingo’! Lottoland kindly gave me £25 credit to try out their site so as soon as daddy got home from work I poured myself a glass of wine, loaded up their website and played away. While it wasn’t quite the same as going out I had a lot of fun and managed to switch off for a little while. It was a great distraction and so much fun!

I scratched a few scratchcards, played some instant win games, my favourite being Boss The Lotto, and bought a few tickets for the Irish Lottery. Now I just need to wait for the draw on Saturday when I find out that I’ve won my millions and start planning my exotic holiday!
*Written in Collaboration with Lottoland*

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  • Reply Becster 3rd November 2016 at 10:59 pm

    I'm sorry to hear Aria has been unwell. It's such a hard time for all when they're ill like that. Hope she's better now xx

    Ooo can you do the Irish Lottery via Lottoland? Hubby is thinking of starting an Irish lottery syndicate at work instead of doing the UK one.

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