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Five Reasons Why It’s Great To Be From Wales!

24th May 2017
five reasons why it's great to be from Wales

Chances are if you’re on this blog you know that I am Welsh and proud, I love Wales, I love living in Wales and I love all things Welsh!

Whether you are interested in its history, stunning landscapes, world famous musical talents, or its gorgeous inhabitants (ok I may be a bit bias here…), Wales has so much to offer, and sometimes doesn’t quite get the recognition it deserves. The people of Wales are known to be fiercely proud of their home country, and with good reason! So here are just five of the many reasons why it’s great to call Wales your home.

Sporting History

We are quite proud of our sporting ability. While you have probably heard of Manchester United (even if you are less than knowledgeable on the subject of football), Cardiff is one of the most impressive sporting cities. The Millennium Stadium hosted football matches during the Olympics, and is home to football, rugby, and Moto X. As if that wasn’t enough, Cardiff has a cricket pavilion in the centre of town along with individual rugby and football stadiums.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in the Welsh capital of Cardiff is an incredible amount less than living in London. In fact, in 2014, Cardiff was ranked number one out of the UK’s 10 largest cities with the highest quality of life. Working in Wales’ capital provides a fantastic opportunity for all prospective employees. There are a lot of jobs in Cardiff available for any would-be job seeker. This makes it a pretty competitive place in the breadth of the entire country, and an ideal location for the many British youths, recently graduated, and looking to start their life in a new and beautiful spot.

Stunning Beaches

Because it is not widely regarded as one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, you may not have heard about the beautiful beaches Wales has to offer. However, the coastline around the Gower has some of the most stunning beaches in the world. In particular, Swansea Bay is an amazing destination for all, and can be enjoyed alongside some world class hiking nearby.


The Welsh are proud of their Celtic heritage, which includes hosting plenty of festivals. In fact, Wales is widely regarded as a cultural hub of festivals. Enjoy the Hay Festival if you are interested in culture, enjoy music, arts and performances at Green Man, and even underground electronica at Gottwood. There is so much diversity in Welshe festivals, it can go up against the entire world of culture. It even is home to a jazz festival, Brecon Jazz.

The list of benefits to living your life in the beautiful country of Wales could go on and on, with each resident of Wales having their own personal reason for loving this amazing country. You should come and see for yourself!

*Written In collaboration with Mary J*

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  • Reply Tracey Williams 10th June 2017 at 8:35 pm

    Having married a South Wales man I know how proud the Welsh are about their lovely country. We should really visit more, as my in laws still live just outside Swansea x

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