Follow Up Review : Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Gym & Baby Seat/Swing

17th April 2015

Before Aria’s arrival I posted my initial thoughts on the Fisher Price Gym and the Fisher Price Baby Seat/Swing. Aria is now seven weeks old so we have had the chance to try them out, read on to find out our thoughts so far.

Baby using Fisher Price Seat as swing and chair
The chair* doubles up as a swing and a seat. You can clip it in at the bottom so that it stays in position or un-clip it and strap your baby in to use it as a swing. We tend to use the swing to get Aria to sleep and then clip it up, she will sleep in the chair for hours during the day time which means that mummy can get on with doing housework!
Fisher Price Baby Seat/Swing Control Panel
As well as a swing function there is also a vibrate function and music/sound effects. This is all very easy to control using the buttons on the side panel, you can also control the speed of the swing and the music volume here.
Happy Baby using Fisher Price Seat/Swing
As you can see this cheeky little madam enjoys her swing.
Baby using Fisher Price Swing
Fisher Price Seat/Swing Five Point Restraint.
The five point restraint makes the swing very secure, is easy to use and is easily adjusted to suit the size of the baby.
The one thing that I do have to mention is that the instruction manual states that the chair requires D batteries, when in fact it takes C batteries. As a result we ended up wasting money on batteries that don’t fit.
Happy Baby using Fisher Price Gym
Aria has only recently been interested in her gym*, the more she develops the more she enjoys it. She isn’t yet at the stage of grabbing the dangly toys but I do this for her, when you hit or  pull on them the lights flash and the music briefly plays, this makes her face light up!
Fisher Price Gym Lit up
She does wave her arms around in an attempt to grab them herself but never quite reaches.
Baby using Fisher Price Light Up Gym
We also use the gym for tummy time, the padded mat makes it perfect for this use.
Out-take! Why blogging with a baby isn’t necessarily very easy, they are sick, a lot.

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