Giving Your Decor A Fun Personality Boost

2nd October 2017
Giving Your Decor A Fun Personality Boost

One of the worst things is walking into a room and feeling like it has no soul. Every room in the home should have a soul, AKA a personality! If your decor doesn’t have any personality, it’s highly unlikely you’ll truly enjoy spending time there. The home is used to wind down, relax, get creative, entertain, bond – all kinds of things. It should be an environment that makes you feel alive!

With the tips here, you will be able to give your decor a fun personality boost like never before:

Mix Up Colours And Patterns

If you want a really fun decor full of personality, then mixing up colours and patterns is a great thing to do. This can be difficult if you’re a first timer, but there are plenty of tips and tutorials out there to help you. As a rule, choose three patterns and then use them in various amounts. For instance, you can use one pattern in 60% of your decor, another in 30%, and another in 10%. This makes the room work much better and stops all of the patterns from overpowering one another.

You can use up to 5, but this can be even more difficult to get right, and definitely isn’t for novices!

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix And Match Your Furniture

Guess what? You can even mix and match your furniture! This may seem strange, especially since so many people seem to buy matching sets, and go out buying furniture with the sole purpose of making sure it all matches. You don’t have to do this.

As long as you have something that links the pieces together, you can make it work. For instance, this could be furniture of a similar material, or of a similar colour.

Display Your Family Pictures

Displaying your family pictures is the best way to bring personality to a home. You want people to know that it’s yours, right? You can buy picture and photo frames online to quickly get what you need. Select the pictures where you’re having the most fun!

Add Artwork And Antiques

Using artwork and antiques in the home can be a really fun way to decorate. If you can, don’t just buy any old tat. Save up and buy something high quality, that you truly love. Something like this will last, and you could even find that it gets passed down generations!

Make Sure Each Room Suits Your Lifestyle

Make sure each and every room in your home suits your lifestyle. Consider how your family currently use each room and how you’d like to use each room and go from there. It needs to be practical too!

Display Children’s Art And Accomplishments

Don’t be afraid to show off your children’s artwork and accomplishments. Heck, don’t be afraid to show off your own! You can do this on the fridge, with a dedicated cabinet, or any other way that suits you.

Add Souvenirs And Memorabilia

Add souvenirs and memorabilia from trips you’ve taken. You can put your shells from holiday in the bathroom, or your unique market finds in the living room. Have fun with it!

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