Guest Post : Three Tips for Helping a Man Shop for Clothes

Whether it’s your husband or boyfriend, brother, friend or even your dad, if you’re a fashion conscious woman then at some point, you’ll probably find yourself being asked for your opinion on a man’s clothing. Sometimes, a man might even want you to help him shop, whether it’s for a specific occasion like a wedding where he’s got to dress differently from normal, or he just wants an extra eye to help him pick out some new stuff.

If you love to shop, then acting as a personal shopper to someone else can be a lot of fun, but when it’s a man, it can be harder as you have to think about different things to when you are shopping for things you might wear yourself with other women, and dealing with dressing a body shape you are more used to working with! In many cases, guys like women they consider to have good taste to shop with them because they want to dress in a way women find appealing, though, so really what he wants is your opinion as a woman rather than as a stylist!

Here are three tips to make your shopping trip with a man a success!

Do Some Research

You probably don’t pay as much attention to men’s trends as women’s – unless you work in the industry, it is unlikely you have a Pinterest board full of men’s clothes you love – and if it’s formal wear you are looking for, you may not even be aware of all the different garments and accessories that are options for men. Check out some men’s fashion blogs and, if the occasion demands it, formal wear retailers like to prep yourself for the task at hand!

Consider His Lifestyle

It can be tempting to simply pick out the things that look best, but no matter how handsome he looks in a suit, if he doesn’t wear one for work and hardly ever goes anywhere smart, it’ll just sit in his wardrobe. Just as you would for yourself, if you aren’t shopping for one specific occasion, think about where and when he’ll wear the stuff you choose together, and make suggestions around this, like ‘this shirt is good because you can wear it to the office but it’s also cool enough to wear out for drinks on a Friday night’.

Don’t Push!

Even if he has come along because he wants to totally reinvent his style, don’t push in a direction he clearly doesn’t feel comfortable in. No matter how stylish something is, if the person wearing it doesn’t feel confidence that the style suits them as a person, they’ll look awkward or like they’re in borrowed clothes. If he feels ridiculous in skinny jeans or a leather jacket, they’re a no, even if you think he looks great in them!

That being said, it can be good to get him to try on stuff he doesn’t think he’ll like. Just like women, men often find they like a style more on than they did on the hanger, so encourage him to be willing to try anything – but only buy the stuff he feels good in.

*Collaborative Guest Post*

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