Hello Fresh Box #6 – July 2016

20th July 2015
You may remember seeing my final Hello Fresh post a little while back, we could no longer afford the boxes so cancelled our subscription. A few weeks ago they contacted me with an offer for £15 off a box, it would have been rude not to take them up on it! 
Hello Fresh Pan-Fried Salmon with Dill Creme Fraiche and New Potatoes
Pan-Fried Salmon with Dill Creme Fraiche and New Potatoes. 578 Kcal, 21g fat.

I love salmon so this meal was perfect for me. I found the dill creme fraiche with lemon and shallot to be too bitter for me, thankfully I had another tub of creme fraiche in the fridge so I added this to it along with more dill and it took the edge off and tasted lovely. The salmon was cooked beautiful and tasted gorgeous. I also really enjoyed the simple mixture of spinach, garlic and shallot.
Hello Fresh Mixed Bean Chilli with Herbed Pork
Mixed Bean Chilli with Herbed Pork. 925 Kcal, 41g fat.
I’ve had vegetarian chilli in a previous Hello Fresh box and it was lovely but I felt that it would have been nicer with meat. A few boxes later and along comes another chilli recipe with meat, it’s as if they listened to me! I usually go for the traditional route of beef mince with my chilli, I never would have thought to skin a sausage and add that, but I will from now on, the flavour from the herbed pork sausage worked so well with the chilli, it was beautiful.
Hello Fresh Thai Mussaman Rice, Roasted Aubergine & Mushrooms
Thai Mussaman Rice, Roasted Aubergine & Mushrooms. 632 Kcal, 32g fat.
I really enjoyed this, I found it a little hot but not too hot to handle, Spencer on the other hand found it too hot to handle and left most of his, which is odd because he usually has a much higher tolerance for heat than I do! The recipe card states to use 1tbsp of curry paste, I assumed that the sachet provided was the correct amount so put it all in, I’m now wondering if maybe I should have measured it out. This is where a note on the card to let us know if we have the correct amount of ingredients or not would really come in handy.
Hello Fresh Mediterranean Veg, Butterflied chicken & Dill Creme Fraiche
Mediterranean Veg, Butterflied chicken & Dill Creme Fraiche. 385 Kcal, 17g fat.
I love that this dish is so colourful and vibrant, Spencer on the other hand wasn’t keen on how it looked, I think the amount of veg scared him as he isn’t a big veg eater. Fears aside we both really enjoyed this meal. The flavours were delicious and all worked very well together. 
Hello Fresh Roasted Chicken with Smoked Pancetta and Herbed Lentils
Roasted Chicken with Smoked Pancetta and Herbed Lentils. 554 Kcal, 16g fat.
Spencer prepared this meal, and it was another meal that scared him, lentils aren’t his kind of food. Again, he was very pleasantly surprised and he agreed that all of the ingredients and flavours worked really well together. The chicken was beautifully crispy and the pancetta and lentil mix was beautiful. There was supposed to be a carrot in with this recipe but unfortunately by the time that we came to cook this meal the carrot had turned to mush. We ordered a box for five meals and cooked this on the fifth day so it is disappointing that not all of the ingredients lasted.
If you like the look of these meals and would like to try Hello Fresh for yourself than use my code J6J5KN to get £20 off your first box. There are several box varieties including family boxes and vegetarian boxes. You can see the meals before you order and cancel your subscription at any time. 
Have you tried Hello Fresh yet? If not, are you tempted?

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    The food looks amazing! Not tried HelloFresh but definitely looking into it. Thanks for sharing!

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