Helping Your Child Feel At Home In Their New Bedroom

16th September 2017
Helping your child feel at home in their new bedroom

If you’ve recently moved house with your children, then it’s likely that one of the things they were most excited about was the opportunity to decorate their new rooms. You may not always have the funds or the time for a full refurbishment, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t freshen up your child’s new room and add some of their personality into it. Here are some simple steps for you to follow to make your child’s room feel fully refurbished and fresh, without much time or effort at all.

Change The Wall Colour

May as well start with the obvious, changing the colour of the walls of your child’s bedroom can have a massive impact, even if nothing else is changed. Moving house can be stressful for children, so allow your child to pick the colour of their walls, to make the room feel more like their own little sanctuary. You could even have a mural wall dedicated to their favourite tv, book, or movie character.

Put Up Their Pictures

If your child is an artistic one (or you at least like to think they are), you may want to consider putting up a picture wall in their bedroom. Using some string and coloured pegs is a cute and colourful way to accomplish this. You could even use string lights, instead of just string, to add some light to your child’s bedroom. If hanging the pictures doesn’t seem like the best option, alternatively you could use washi tape to stick them to the wall. Washi tape isn’t very strong, so it won’t damage the paint on the wall if you decide to take them down, and comes in a range of different colours and patterns, so your child can pick their favourites.

Chalkboard Paint

Speaking of artistic children, it might be a cute idea to add some chalkboard/blackboard paint to your child’s room. Although a whole wall may be a bit too much, you could add shapes of blackboard paint to one wall, or paint the back of a cupboard door perhaps. Just make sure that they know to only draw on the blackboard areas, or the whole room could become one big art project. You should also ensure that the area under the paint is protected from all of the chalk dust.

Don’t Forget The Little Details

Although ensuring that your daughter’s dolls house has all of its dolls house accessories and your son’s garage is fully stocked with cars may not seem like a big deal, it could make a world of difference. Adding your child’s initial on their door or drawers will also all help them to feel at home. Little touches like this make the whole room look and feel cared about and give it a final professional touch.

Your child’s bedroom isn’t just where they sleep; It’s also their play den and their little sanctuary, so you need to ensure that they feel safe and comfortable there, as well as making sure it looks cool, of course. Hopefully, these simple ideas have given you some inspiration, and you’ve got some ideas of ways to make your child feel more at home in their new bedroom.

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