How I’ve Evolved Since Becoming a Mum {AD}

10th December 2018

*This post is sponsored by Johnson’s Baby UK, who will also be evolving soon…*

I was the perfect parent before I become a parentI imagined that I would spend my days lovingly crafting with my children, baking with them and just generally dedicating my entire life to them. I hadn’t considered that those things would stress me out beyond belief, that I would have to mentally prepare myself to bake with my child and that I would opt to leave the crafts for nursery as the thought of crafting with her fills me with dread.

I had to evolve as a person in ways that I never expected when I became a mother, and again when I became a mother of two. Parenting really is the most rewarding thing that I will ever do, but it does come with challenges and a great deal of change. As a parent I am learning new things all the time, things about myself that I never knew and things about my children and also my partner.

Since becoming a parent I have felt the happiest I ever have, I have felt the most emotional I ever have, I have experienced loneliness that I never thought possible, but, most importantly of all, my heart has been more full than I ever thought possible.

I often feel judged and worry that I’m doing this parenting thing wrong. I see the perfect parents all over social media showing all of their highs but none of their lows and it gets me down at times, but then I remember, I am only human and I am doing the very best that I can, which is exactly what my girls need from me.

I am raising the future and the future is going to be bright, beautiful and a little crazy. 

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