How to do all your Christmas Shopping Online

How to do all your Christmas Shopping Online

It’s the most wonderful time of the year; the streets and shops are packed with people all fighting for that last bargain left on the shelf, and people become almost crazed with the stress of having to buy presents and food for all. If this sounds like you, and you still haven’t managed to make it to the shops, then don’t panic. Here’s a guide to how you can have a totally online Christmas, providing you stick to a few simple steps…

how to get all of your Christmas shopping completed without leaving the house

1. Set a realistic budget 
As with any shopping list, it’s important to set a budget, but people always tend to feel panicked whilst Christmas shopping, surrounded by people and the pressure to put it in your basket simply because you’re there. When you shop around online though, you can do so with your feet up, cup of tea in hand, so you can set your budget at a realistic level, rather than allocating extra money for impulse buys.

2. Make a list and stick to it 
When you have your budget, make a list of all the people you need to buy for, and write down some gift ideas. This will help you narrow down which e-stores you visit and how long you spend looking; for example, if your children all want a selection of DVDs, books and gadgets, it’s a fair bet that you’ll be able to find a lot of your gifts on Amazon.

3. Opt for well-known, reputable brands
You might be concerned that you’ll end up buying something from a fake website by mistake and getting scammed, but this is easily avoided if you stick to well-known reputable brands. For example, stick to department stores for homeware and electricals, and for fine jewellery, head to luxury retailer ChloBo over at You can also look out for certain giveaway signs, such the padlock icon in the search bar which confirms a secure website – for more of these tips, click here.

4. Hunt through the sales 
This is the best time of year to buy; following on from Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness, there are still plenty of deals to be had. Plus, if you want to get ahead on next year, when the festivities are winding down on Christmas Day evening, this is when the Boxing Day sales begin online. Bag yourself the best bargains for New Year’s Eve outfits and birthday presents for next year.

5. Some extra tips 
If you’ve managed to find a couple of retailers who stock the same product and you’re not sure who to buy with, look out for free delivery, additional introductory offers when you sign up to newsletters, and extended guarantees or warranties. Also, if you find the perfect present but it’s out of stock, don’t forget to phone up local stores. It’s often the case that online stock is based off warehouses, so get in touch with the relevant department and ask if they have any left. Are you opting for an online Christmas this year?

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