How We Sterilise & Make Up Aria’s Bottles When In The House and Out & About

How We Sterilise & Make Up Aria’s Bottles When In The House and Out & About
Sterilising and making up babies bottles can be such an overwhelming subject when you start out, so many people give you conflicting advice on what you should and shouldn’t do which can lead to a great deal of confusion. We are now in a routine with our bottles so I thought I would share what we do, both in the house and when out and about.
our bottle routine, washed bottles in the microwave steriliser

First up, washing and sterilising. We don’t have a particular routine with washing the bottles, if there is space in the top of the dishwasher they go in there, if there isn’t they get washed with a bottle brush, warm water and washing up liquid. There is a downside to washing them in the dishwasher, if you put them in with certain food stained items they may discolour, ours often come out with an orange tinge to them, though this does fade.
After washing we always sterilise our bottles. We have a microwave steriliser, I measure out the required amount of water in one of the bottles (I used to use a jug and then realised I may as well just use one of the bottles!), pour this into the steriliser and then pop it in for the required time, six minutes in our case though all sterilisers will have their own instructions. When buying a steriliser be sure to check that it fits in your microwave oven, our previous one was too small so we ended up having to buy a new one! 
Once the bottles have been sterilised they need to be left in the steriliser to cool down for at least ten minutes, we always wash and sterilise our bottles before we need them, usually before we go to bed. 
As soon as you open the steriliser and air gets in it is no longer a sterile environment, therefore you shouldn’t open it, get one bottle out, close it, and go on like that for the rest of the day. We take all of the bottles out at once and put them together with the lid on, so long as they are used within twenty four hours they are still classed as sterile. 
cow & gate infant milk with tommee tippee bottles
We use Cow & Gate first infant milk and plan on using this right up until we start using cow’s milk. We have been told that the follow on milks and various stages are basically a waste of money, this will do just fine. 
review of tommee Tippee perfect prep machine
We have the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine to make up our bottles in the house, I love this device and would recommend it to any new mum, in those early days when your baby wants feeding every two hours this thing is amazing. We even kept it in the bedroom when Aria was waking during the night!
We’ve tried several different bottle brands with this machine and they have all fitted just fine. 
making up a bottle in the tommee tippee perfect prep machine
The machine makes a bottle at perfect temperature in two minutes, none of this boiling the kettle, waiting for the water to cool down before making the bottle and then putting the bottle in cold water to be cool enough to drink, with this you just press a button and it does it all for you. 
It pours a shot of boiling water into the bottle, you then add the formula and shake, pop it back under and it tops it up with cool water. The water goes through a filter so is absolutely fine to give to your baby. Our filter lasts ages, but this does depend on the water where you live. 
flask, formula and bottles ready for baby when going out for the day
If we are going out for the day I make one bottle up in advance, we have been told not to do this but making bottles up at the right temperature when out can be impossible. I keep the bottle in the insulted bottle holder which came with my changing bag. As well as the ready made bottle I take some sterilised bottles, a flask of boiling water and ready measured out formula in Tommee Tippee formula dispensers. Once Aria has a bottle I make the next one up straight away by pouring the water from the  flask into the bottle and adding the formula, I then store it in the insulated bottle holder until Aria wants her next feed. The reason I make them in advance when out is because the water is boiling so the bottles need a while to cool before Aria can drink them.
I always make sure that I carry more bottles and formula than I need, as well as a microwave steriliser bag, this way if I end up staying out later than planned I have enough food and can sterilise another bottle if I need to. 
How do you make up your bottles when in the house and out & about? Have you received confusing advice from health care professionals?
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  1. 29th June 2015 / 9:10 pm

    I agree, you get given SO many conflicting ways to do it and it's quite overwhelming for a new mum! I used to sterilise the bottles and fill as many as I needed that day with the correct amount of boiling water. My son used to drink the milk cold so we never needed to heat up, just tip in the formula to the cooled water and shake! This was a couple of years ago and I believe the guidelines changed at some point, the water needs to be boiling when the formula is added to kill off any bacteria. But saying that, my son is now and strong and healthy almost 3 year old and we never had any issues from not mixing when the water was boiled! I think if we have anymore babies we will invest in one of those bottle prep machines, looks amazing!

  2. 29th June 2015 / 9:40 pm

    Wow! I wish this had been about a few years ago! We have been a tommee tippee fan with all three children, but it was an absolute nightmare sterilising and following advice with twins given the number of bottles alone in the early days. The prep machine looks like it would especially loved for night feeds! Great post. x

  3. 30th June 2015 / 7:34 am

    On my first I used to have them all ready in the fridge. I took them out as I needed them but then had to heat them up with a bottle warmer.
    learnt from that on my second.
    I'm putting in the cooled boiled water for the night and have powder in. Dispenser so I just poor it in as I go. Way easier and less hassle.

  4. Becster
    30th June 2015 / 3:47 pm

    Oh the Perfect Prep Machine was the BEST purchase we ever made! We could not live without it!

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