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The Hygge Interior Design Trend

25th September 2017
The Hygge Interior Design Trend

Hygge is a Danish word that means acknowledging a feeling or moment. It basically means finding happiness in everything, and taking time to enjoy life and take it slow. A hygge life is a simple life This year the hygge way of life has taken the interest of people all around the world. When it comes to interior design, the hygge interior design way is simplistic neutral colours that invite guests in, and give off a sense of comfort. Hygge is certainly more popular during winter months due to the cosy vibe a room will have. Here we will take a look at some of the way hygge interior design can be implemented.


Hygge colours are generally relaxed and neutral, nothing too out there in your face. Light greys, whites, creams and browns are typically found in a Hygge themed home. And it’s not usually a mix match of all these colours. It’ll be browns complementing the creams, and whites completing the greys. It’s key to remember less is more, so the fewer colours the better.

The Rooms

As the aim of hygge is to gain comfort, things such as lots of pillows, throws and candles are what can turn your room from boring, to inviting. Placing them in such a way that doesn’t overcrowd the room is also essential. As they say, a clean desk is a clean mind, this applies with the bedroom. One unique quality the hygge way of life brings, is even though a room may be full of objects, it’s still seems simplistic, try using brown high shelves as a storage method. A simple light brown dresser and a white bed set with a light brown throw will complement each other perfectly. Trying to keep the room as bright an airy as possible is needed with hygge. So a nice bright low hanging light, and maybe cream curtains should help enhance any light in the room. A light coloured paint would also be best for the bedroom. If you’re struggling to make ideas match, there are plenty of bedroom furniture sets online. Or even adding in a chilled out hammock if the room allows. This is one seriously stylish and relaxing addition we found, plus, who wouldn’t find having a hammock in their room amazing?!  The kitchen and living room should also try and follow the less is more approach, and if you’ve gone for the brown and cream theme in the bedroom, try experimenting with grey and white in the other rooms. Wooden features look perfect when it comes to a hygge kitchen and living room. A fluffy rug in front of the fire complemented with authentic wooden coffee tables are what makes a hygge living room.The same follows for the kitchen, a lovely wooden table and light wooded sides and cupboards will mix perfectly with a white kitchen wall.

Let me know how you’ve introduced Hygge into your life! 

*Collaborative Post*

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