If I Could Go Anywhere This Christmas…

20th November 2017
If I could go anywhere this Christmas

If I could go anywhere this Christmas… I probably wouldn’t bother! You see to me Christmas is all about family and comfort. The comfort of my own home surrounded by my nearest and dearest.

I love the idea of a cosy log cabin with a fire burning and a huge tree, but it would cost a fortune to have everyone there, and I don’t have money to burn, not like those crazy people in Christmas films who spend a fortune over the festive season. Talking of which, the clever people at Chill Money have put together an infographic sharing just how much their Christmas adventures cost them, it’s insane.

I would miss the comforts of my own home. Not having to worry about packing everything, remembering to take all the presents there and back home again. Choosing my slouchy, comfy clothes from my wardrobe after eating too much and sleeping in my own bed after drinking too much.


I could go visit the North Pole and travel 3,245 miles like Buddy the Elf did, but I can’t imagine how that journey would go with a demanding toddler and a travel sick puppy. I guess I could leave them Home Alone but we all saw what happened when the McAllisters did that!

The time and potential disasters aren’t the only issues either, I simply don’t have €14,600 to travel to the North Pole and I certainly don’t want to spend money doing the repair work after leaving Aria and Dobby Home Alone!

If I could go anywhere this Christmas

I certainly don’t want to spend Christmas in the heat, Christmas is about fluffy pyjamas and festive jumpers, not shorts and sandals, Christmas trees not palm trees.

Maybe a trip to Romania could tempt me, where they spend nearly a third of their monthly income on buying Christmas gifts. But I’ll probably stick to the UK, we spend 15% of our monthly income on Christmas presents, that will do for me!

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