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International Women’s Day – This One’s For Them

8th March 2017
International Women's Day - this one's for the children

Despite being a woman all my life International Women’s Day is something that has mostly passed me by, or at least that was the case before I gave birth to my own little woman. I have been treated like crap in the past, a lot of which is as a direct result of my femininity, and I have just dealt with it, not even that, I have put up with it. But not now, not now that I have Aria. Aria is going to grow up knowing that women are just as important as men, women are equals and women have rights.


Women have the right to climb up whatever career ladder they choose to and to earn as much as anyone else. Women have the right to fight for their country or pass bills in Parliament. Women have the right to choose what happens to their body and make choices that directly effect them. Women have the right to wear whatever they want to wear and not be sexually assaulted, verbally or worse. Women aren’t better than men, women are equal to men.

Despite all of this, women are still discriminated against, daily, or more like hourly.

Research from a Gender in Marketing 2017 report carried out by Axonn Media reveals that 62% of Mums said that parenthood hampered their career, compared to just to 24% of Dads.

For me personally, even worse than the fact that being a mum presents greater professional challenges than being a dad, is the fact that it doesn’t shock me. It is 2017 – this shouldn’t be the norm, yet somehow, it still is. Things are changing for the better, but they aren’t changing enough.

Those of us raising little ladies, we need to teach them that they are worthy, they are equal to men and to never doubt themselves. Those of you raising little men, they need to know to respect all humans and to treat everyone the same, no matter what.

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Axonn gender discrimination in workplace towards mother's parents infographic

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