Is My Baby Slow? It Isn’t A Competition, It Is A Journey

13th June 2016

Aria is a little behind in comparision to a lot of children her age. People say that you shouldn’t compare children, they are all different in their own ways, and they are right, but it is very difficult not to compare in this day and age when social media means that you can’t switch your phone on without seeing that another baby of a similar age has just ticked off another massive milestone.

baby laughing - header image for blog post about a fifteen month old developing slowly.

Aria is fifteen months old, she has no teeth and she doesn’t walk, she doesn’t even crawl, just happily bum shuffles around. She isn’t cruising around the furniture or crawling up the stairs. She has a very limited vocabulary.

Aria has been sleeping through the night since she was two months old, she says quack quack when she sees a duck (or a squirrel but we will just focus on the ducks for now!) and hiya when we pass someone on the street. She shouts Aria when she sees a photo of herself, waves goodbye and pouts to let us know when she wants a kiss.

Aria points to let us know what she wants, she is good at throwing, especially when it comes to food. She loves to hold her feet out for me to put her socks on and is fascinated by trying to put shoes on her feet.

Logging on to facebook can sometimes be difficult and frustrating, seeing status updates from a mum whose baby has ‘finally’ taken their first steps, watching videos of babies of a similar age happily walking around and holding a conversation, especially when these babies are younger than mine.

99% of the time I am happy with Aria’s progress and confident that she will do things in her own time, 1% of the time I can’t help but wonder why she isn’t doing what other children her age, and even younger than her, are already doing.

I really don’t think that Aria is slow. She is just taking everything in and doing things in her own time, if anything she is actually really clever because she realises that there is no need to walk because everyone will just do everything for her!

My baby may not be as quick as other babies, but she is happy. It isn’t a competition, it is a journey. 

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  • Reply Nerys Butland 1st July 2016 at 9:27 am

    My baby is exactly the same and he is 17 months old, he says Mama and 'thank you' (sort of) and bye bye.I can understand what you're saying, all my other children (I have 5) could talk at his age and I'm happy he's getting along fine but sometimes it's hard not to compare and get the teeniest bit worried and think 'will they ever talk??'. I'm sure it will come but it's hard to be patient! 🙂

    • Reply Leanne 1st July 2016 at 10:32 pm

      Thanks for your comment and understanding 🙂
      Some days I don't care but other days I can't help but feel a little worried, especially when I get those sodding emails telling me what my child should be doing at this age, so frustrating!

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