Is This Our Unintentional Forever Home?*

Is This Our Unintentional Forever Home?*
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Our house has been on the market for over a year now, and this has got me wondering – is this our unintentional forever home? Are we stuck in this small, terraced house until we are grey and old? Everyone tells you when you start out you should buy a cheap starter house, get your foot on the property ladder they say – I’m not really sure that this is sound advice, re-selling is hard! If we really are stuck here forever we have a lot of work to do, this house is not fit for the elderly!

Is this our unintentional forever home? - Blog post about adapting your home to suit mobility issues with walk in bathrooms and showers from Premier Bathrooms.

I always imagined my forever home to be a cosy three bedroom house with a driveway and a front garden, maybe even a conservatory, it would have nice big landings and corridors, with plenty of room to get about, even in a wheelchair, it certainly wasn’t going to be a two up, two down terraced house with a kitchen and bathroom slapped onto the back as an afterthought.

If we really are stuck here forever we need to make A LOT of changes. This little old house is not mobility friendly, not in the slightest. We have a converted attic with space saver stairs, we would probably just have to write that room off altogether, just let it go dusty and into disrepair.

We have steep steps down into the garden, they would need a ramp in their place, we also have stepping stones going down the grass to the decking which would need to be replaced with a nice, sturdy path instead.

The bathroom is the easiest to change, Premier Bathrooms see to that. Their range of walk in baths and showers do just the job without compromising on style. Style is very important to me now and I like to think that it will still be high up on the agenda even when I am old and grey. Their assisted bathing options look amazing, I quite fancy a bath with door as they are really deep meaning that the water may even go high enough to cover my jelly belly! Bathing is not only relaxing, but it helps with all sorts of ailments from a stressful day to aches and pains and chronic pain, which is why a walk in bath is high on my agenda.

So, that’s inside the bathroom sorted, now I just have to consider how I would get up into my bathroom if I had mobility issues, those two steps leading up to it are very steep indeed…

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