Keeping Warm in the Winter on a Budget

9th November 2017
keeping warm in the Winter on a budget

What with the Christmas festivities, presents to buy and homes that need heating Winter is a very expensive time of the year. Prices are on the rise and wages are failing to keep up seeing more and more people lean towards doing things on a budget where possible.

Today I am going to be sharing some top tips for keeping warm in the Winter on a budget.

  • My number one tip is coming to you from First Utility – Statistics reveal that draughts are responsible for 10% of heat loss in the average home and up to 25% in some households. That’s a lot of heat to lose, especially in the coldest weeks of the year. By draught-proofing, households can save between £25 and £55 per person on the annual energy bill. What’s more, draught proofing can be a cheap and painless (even fun!) activity. First Utility has put together an illustrated guide which details the steps of making your own caterpillar draught excluder. This simple guide is perfect for both beginners and seasoned knitters who want to try something a bit different – follow the tutorial here.
  • suggests wearing massive socks – wrap your feet up and your whole body will feel warmer.
  • swears by her hot water bottle – tuck it under your dressing gown and snuggle up for the night.
  • layers up to keep warm, she wears a long sleeved top/dress with a cardigan on top and in the evenings cosy pyjamas with a dressing gown and a fleece to cuddle up to while watching the soaps.
  • stands over the hob warming milk for a delicious hot chocolate as part of her evening routine which really warms her up.
  • makes up hot water bottles and puts them in the beds about an hour before bedtime, making it nice and warm when you climb into bed and keeping you cosy when the temperature drops through the night.
  • buys a bag of cheap tea lights from IKEA and dots them around the room she is in and closes the door. They’re super effective and super cheap.

How do you keep warm during the Winter without breaking the bank?


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  • Reply Welsh Mum Writing (aka Helen) 9th November 2017 at 4:51 pm

    The temp really has dropped so I will borrow a few of those tips! I’m a fan of blankets and throws too. Time to get out the big guns and the one the size of a super king which I made from granny squares.

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