Last Week You Turned Three, Last Week You Didn’t Come Home

15th August 2016

Bob, last week was your third birthday. That morning you didn’t come home, which was very strange and very unlike you. We went off to work and hoped that you were having too much fun to come home for food and would be back home eagerly waiting for us when we finished work. We returned from work and you still weren’t there.

Bob fluffy tabby cat

We live near a busy main road, I naively like to think that you wouldn’t venture over there, there are plenty of gardens around here why would you want to? Deep down I knew you went over there, across that busy main road is a hospital sat in huge grounds, a huge play area for a young cat like you. I knew it but I knew that road was dangerous and didn’t like the thought of you crossing it.

On the night of your birthday Spencer went out looking for you. You never stay out this long so we knew that something was up. Our suspicions were confirmed when Spencer realised that a tabby cat had been hit over on that dangerous main road and killed. On your third birthday you were hit over and killed.

We still haven’t found the body nor had a phone call to let us know but we know it was you. Over a week has passed and you haven’t come home. I know coincidences happen but this is too big a coincidence. You were microchipped so we had hoped that we would get a phone call, but we haven’t.

Your passing hit us hard, particularly as you were Aria’s favourite. Her first word was Bob and poor Kitty is always referred to as Bob. Aria keeps calling you and Kitty isn’t herself. She was off her food but in true Kitty style that didn’t last long! She is still walking around the house meowing, looking for you and is definitely more needy than usual.

We miss you Bob, my handsome little man, you were taken far too soon, the only comfort that we can take from this is the knowledge that you had a good life and were very well looked after.

tabby cat and baby

We were looking at getting a new kitten before you went (well I was trying to persuade Spencer!), you and Kitty are far too sensible and know to run away from Aria, I had hoped that a younger kitten would form a bond with her. For now the kitten can wait. I can’t replace Bob and I don’t want to replace Bob, getting a new kitten just doesn’t feel right.

I love having cats and I think I always will have cats. I hate the constant worry that cats bring with them. One of the great things about having cats is that they can look after theirselves, they are great pets for busy working families who don’t have time to walk pets. This upside is also the downside, they are such fragile little creatures that this freedom is dangerous.

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  • Reply Cherry Pie 15th August 2016 at 2:59 pm

    Oh Leanne this is awful, I'm so sorry! I live near a main road too and I always worry when my cat doesn't come in at his usual time, you get so used to their routines and like you say the worry is awful.

  • Reply jenna abbott 15th August 2016 at 5:26 pm

    This is heartbreaking. I'm so sorry. I wouldn't personally have a cat as a pet but if I ever did run one over I would bring it to a vets to be checked or at least make it public on social media to try let the owner know. I wish cats were treat the same as dogs because a dog would have been brought to the vets.

    I hope you're all okay x

  • Reply beautyqueenuk 15th August 2016 at 6:14 pm

    Aw Leanne I am sorry and I do hope it wasn't Bob, you just never know. I have 3 cats, they wander, especially Toms and I do hope if he was hurt, injured or lost, someone would take him to a vet, im lucky mine have all been taken to vet and ive been contacted. So I have my fingers crossed x

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