Learning Through Play with Reading Eggs Junior

5th September 2017
Children's educational app Reading Eggs Junior review

When it comes to educating children I am clueless. I know nothing about phonics, unless of course we are talking about the amazing Welsh band Stereophonics… Anyway, enough daydreaming about Kelly Jones and back to this blog post. Aria is a little behind with her speech, not behind enough to worry, but behind enough for a referral to Chatterbox classes, so, when Reading Eggs got in touch to ask if I would like to review a five week free trial of their app I jumped at the chance. A fun and educational app that will teach my daughter the things that I don’t know? YES PLEASE!

Children's educational app Reading Eggs Junior review

Reading Eggs started out as an educational programme aimed at 3-13 year olds, and have more recently launched Reading Eggs Junior which is aimed at ages 2-4 with little or no letter or number knowledge.

We’ve been trialling Reading Eggs Junior and having lots of fun. The interface is bright and fun, it encourages young children to learn and discover, to touch and see. The fun and lively soundtrack is sure to capture your little ones attention. It’s so much fun your child won’t even realise that they are learning, they just think it is a fun game.

Children's educational app Reading Eggs Junior review

Aria’s favourite part of Reading Eggs Junior is The Eggles, she has a meltdown if I even attempt to play a different game. I’m certainly not complaining about her love for The Eggles, they teach her phonics, words and more. Contrary to what Aria thinks Reading Eggs Junior isn’t just about The Eggles. There are also read aloud books, fun puzzles, memory games and so much more.

Children's educational app Reading Eggs Junior review

The only downside that we have experienced with Reading Eggs is that being based in Australia some of the pronunciations are slightly different and the animals aren’t ones that we would typically teach our children, although discovering animals from further afield is certainly no bad thing!

We are huge fans of Reading Eggs, I really think that it is something that we will continue to subscribe to and that will grow with Aria – it certainly shows that not all screen time is bad screen time.

Whoever said learning isn’t fun didn’t try Reading Eggs! 

If you would like to try Reading Eggs for yourself you can get a free five week trial here.

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