Learning to Swim with Puddle Ducks {AD}

15th November 2018
Review of Puddle Ducks swimming lessons for pre-schoolers

*Disclosure – We received a course of swimming lessons for Aria in exchange for an honest review*

Aria started swimming lessons with Puddle Ducks a while ago; she has now finished the first course of ten lessons. The course is designed to allow your child to enjoy the water with new found independence, build up their confidence to do things on their own (such as entering and exiting the pool) and begin to swim small distances unaided. This was exactly what we needed to combat Aria’s fear of water. We knew that she wouldn’t take to the lessons like a duck to water, but we really hoped that she would come away without a fear of water.

The Puddle Ducks website is easy to navigate and understand, a quick search and we found that Aria would be best suited to a Little Dippers class in our nearest venue. Unfortunately there aren’t many hydro pools in our local area, and our nearest venue is out in the sticks, as a non-driver this could have made attending the lessons extremely difficult, thankfully Spencer does drive so we managed to make the lessons each week.

Despite initial nerves, Aria took to the lessons straight away, so much better than we thought she would. Her teacher, Helen, was friendly, helpful and professional and made Aria feel welcome and at ease. Aria has always been a fan of singing and dancing, the incorporation of singing in the Puddle Ducks lessons really made them for Aria. She would happily come away each week singing “One Puddle Duck went swimming one day…” and “wibble wobble jelly on a plate…”.

Puddle Ducks and Helen really helped make swimming fun for Aria, which is what got her over her fear of water. While she was still a little nervous and refused to do some of the activities, she came away with so much more confidence than when she started. She can even swim a width of the baby pool with no human help, just a pool noodle, which is incredible for someone who was once as fearful of water as Aria.

I never thought that Aria would enjoy swimming and I definitely didn’t think that she would nag to go, but she does. Her lessons ran out shortly before Carrie arrived and she is desperate to go back.

We would love to enrol both Aria and Carrie for future lessons with Puddle Ducks, but unfortunately the timings at our nearest venue no longer suit our family needs. We will definitely keep up with swimming lessons for Aria and also look to start Carrie shortly, it’s just a shame that it won’t be with Puddle Ducks, but we will be sure to keep an eye out just in case they pop up at a venue a little closer to home for us.

Thank you Helen and Puddle Ducks for helping Aria to overcome her fears.

Find your nearest Puddle Ducks class here, be sure to mention my blog upon booking to receive a £10 discount.

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  • Reply Yasmin Johal 28th November 2018 at 4:33 pm

    Ooh, I’ve recently been looking into Puddle Ducks classes for my little one – the price did put me off a little but I’ve heard SO many good things. Bless Aria, I’m so glad it made her more confident, that’s amazing!

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