Making Money From Your Blog

Making Money From Your Blog


If you fancy taking on a blog this year or you are a small blogger doing it on the side of your full time hustle, the question you are most likely asking yourself is how do you make a living from blogging?

Blogging has transformed in the last decade from a simple spot on the web where people write about their day or their interests to a huge business opportunity for many people all over the world. The key to being a great blogger is to have the knack for writing, a good eye for photography and a unique personality to share with your audience. If you want to start making money from blogging this year, here is how you can do it.


In some instances your blog might not be suitable for monetisation. This can be down to a number of reasons but can be very annoying for you as the one who wants to make it into a business. There is however a way you can still make money through blogging: and this is through donations. You may have heard of YouTube channels having Patreon accounts like this: to provide funds for them to make videos, and the same applies to your blog. If you want some help in being able to continue writing you can ask your audience to donate to support you. It means that the readers who are loyal to you will be able to come on and support you throughout your journey to allow you to make the best content you can possibly make.

Affiliate Products

One of the most popular ways to make money through blogging is by using affiliate products from brands and advertising them for your audience. The relationship with you and your brand is one that can take you to great heights in your career and allow you to do many things. The idea behind affiliate programs is that a brand will ask you to review a product on your blog or share images of you using the product on your social media. In exchange they will either let you keep the product or they will pay you for the service you provide. If you do start going down this route it is advisable to get yourself a physical address from to allow you to have products sent somewhere other than your home. This will just mean you can carry on working throughout the day without worrying about product being delivered every few minutes.


If you would rather make some passive income on your website and carry on with your content as normal, the other popular way to make some extra cash is with advertising. The principle of advertising is offering a space on your blog where companies can place adverts in the hopes of bringing in some sales. For every click of the advert you receive, you will be paid. This is called being paid per click. Google Adsense is the most popular advertising platform you can use for your blog and they will pay you a good rate for the space you provide them with. There are also tons more advertising companies over the web which you can use, so you can even pick two and three and use them all. The important thing to remember here though is that you don’t want your blog to be so jam packed with advertising that people cannot read your content at all.

Amazon Reviews

Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world, so it is no surprise that they offer bloggers a way of making some extra money. If you place a link in your blog post to a product such as a dress and someone clicks on the link, you can make money even if they don’t but this product. The beauty of Amazon is that even if someone buys a different product, if it is within 24 hours of clicking your link, you get the credit for the sale. It is a great way to build up some some extra cash for your business.

Sell Your Own Products

If you are a highly creative person you can use this to your advantage and sell your own products on your website. There are so many different products you can make and sell to your audience and this can bring in a lucrative income if you become popular enough with it all. You can sell homeware, art, crafts, merchandise, and even an ebook if you have a particular skill set to share with your readers. As long as you know what you are doing you have no reason not to sell your own products.

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